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details at marchesa

19/02/2010, fashion week, nyc

(ph. by me)

Inspired by the tempestuous dancer and courtesan Lola Montez, the Marchesa collection was somehow elegant and whimsical, and the pieces only became exponentially more stunning when viewed up close. My inner wannabe ice skater is a sucker for well executed nude mesh, but the real standouts were the white feathered minidress and a darkly beautiful starred up concoction with tulle spilling down the front.

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in a crowd

21/10/2009, fashion week, new zealand

(Bebe dress, Topshop boots, vintage coin clutch and coat)

The scene at the Stolen Girlfriend’s Club afterparty in Auckland with the lovely Anna, Dan, and a whole bunch of amped people…crowded to the point of camera focus issues. Sorry about that. Well, and for posting this a month late. Did a quick change into this dress at Anna’s house after the show but stayed with the same everything else. Ankle boots and faux fur match everything in my book.

So yes I went on this inexcusable Bebe rampage last month. It started out innocently enough with a slight desire to check out a pair of shoes but all these strappy chained things made it into the dressing room somehow, which by the way came complete with one of those overly attentive liplined salesgirls and subzero temperatures. The zipper all the way up the back was the clincher but I think I’m set on mall shopping for a good while. Go Colin for both picking out this particular dress for me and catching me eating in a parking lot..someone commented that this coat reminded them of Kid Rock. Going to go ahead and take that as a compliment since the guy’s an American legend and I used to have some kind of disgusting crush on him. And yes I do read all the comments! Always have.


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space case

16/10/2009, fashion week, new zealand

(secondhand oversized sweater, D*luxe dreamcatcher necklace, Deadly Ponies Precious bone bud bracelet, vintage shorts, Topshop boots)

I’ve always wanted a chair like this. Except mine would be strung from the ceiling. And lucite. I remember reading that Kelly Osbourne collected them or something, which made me very jealous.

Colin and I are working on a..hmm…extracurricular blog project and we need a bunch of questions from you guys to work into it. The answers won’t be posted on here but they will be answered in a way that you will see them of course. Ask away!

PS I’ll take the first ten tweeted to me.

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at hervé léger

08/10/2009, fashion week, nyc

(Hervé Léger dress and sandals)

It was such an honor to attend Hervé Léger, never mind actually get to wear one of their signature bandage dresses to the show. The hand painted skeleton-like print and strong shoulders made this one of the pieces I had fallen in love with from the fall collection, so when it came down to this one and a cutout side dress at the fitting I went for it.

The show was just ridiculously good..I’m always astounded at how they can stay so strong with the body conscious silhouette yet find new ways to make it spellbindingly fresh. This time it was sandy nudes and whites, intricately woven mesh, clean braiding and knotting, almost galactic marbled prints, and even some denim. And the clogs! I’m obsessed with the clogs. The age old problem of the way the foot so easily falls out of them was adeptly solved with a double ankle strap. Yesss.

Max and Lubov were both so sweet in about a million ways that they didn’t have to be, so a huge thank you to surreal to hear that they’ve been following my blog.

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w 35th, nyc

03/10/2009, fashion week, nyc

(DIY backwards shirtdress, layered necklaces, Acne wedges, Givenchy bag)

I’ve had this hopelessly oversized thing for a few months now, for some reason it stood out to me while combing my neighborhood Goodwill. Maybe it was the oatmeal stripes? Or its potential to redefine shapeless? I wore it once and felt kind of horrible in it, so I put it away again and eventually came back to it with a plan. Deciding it was the science teacher-reminiscent half collar that was to blame, I trimmed the whole neck down and sewed it up (when I say sew I mean loop thread sloppily until nothing seems to fall apart upon contact), also closing up the fabric below the last button to stop it from gaping awkwardly in the wind. But boyshorts never hurt.

The Acne wedges have already been worn to the point of being dented and scratched…it’s so strange, from several first hand accounts I’ve heard people say that they are either stupidly painful or the most comfortable platforms they own. I’m on the side of the latter party luckily..I always reach for them first these days and have been noticing this desert boot silhouette appear from less exalted brands as well. They could work in a flat version I think. Wish we could have spent a couple more days in the city, I got zero shopping time in. Next time!

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