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fifteen strange seconds

28/09/2010, fashion week, new zealand, vintage

A couple moments in Auckland: grabbing a bite to eat in my disintegrating vintage jacket and a freezing sunrise from the Hilton.

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8:38 am

black magic

27/09/2010, alexander wang, fashion week, nyc, topshop

(dress courtesy of twentysevennames, Forever 21 sunglasses, Topshop suede boots, Alexander Wang Diego bag)

Farewell New York! Ended up spending 10 days there, 4 in Auckland for New Zealand Fashion Week, and then back to the city for the weekend. Made it back to California tonight, marking a return to normalcy and shoe options and eating raspberries standing up in the kitchen and my mechanical toothbrush and a lingering summer and some sort of quiet until Andrew comes into town tomorrow to DJ in La Jolla.

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broad daylight

19/09/2010, fashion week, nyc, vintage, zara

(Zara scarf, vintage leather dress, leather tote bag courtesy of Hope, Sam Edelman clogs, Mr. Kate bolt necklace)

This scarf has been acting as an in-flight security blanket and outfit fix-all of sorts for the past month. It’s the thinnest material but spans about ten square feet when laid out, which makes for awkward folding but awesome volume. Wore this when running over to BCBG to pay Patrick and Pearl a visit and pick out a dress for the Hervé Léger show a few days ago. Currently stationed at the Starbucks at LAX, eating fries, spacing out at random people, and going through photos before heading to New Zealand for NZFW. Particularly excited to see twentysevennames and my friends at Stolen Girlfriends Club…see you guys in 6500 miles..

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19/09/2010, fashion week, nyc


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jane street

16/09/2010, actually wearing jeans, fashion week, mane and tail, nyc, vintage

(scarf coat courtesy of Obakki, vintage tshirt, Elizabeth and James jeans, Topshop boots, Mr. Kate/vintage/Dannijo necklaces, Theory bag, Forever 21 headband, Ray-ban sunglasses)

Dressed all the way down and walking over to Cafe Gitane to take a break from everything for a second yesterday..I think. Half my suitcase and all my makeup is flung around Bryan’s room, I feel half-functional at best, I shouldn’t be awake right now, and things are blurring…but in that good way.

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