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rain after Y-3

16/10/2010, fashion week, in a button down again, nyc, topshop, vintage

(vintage shirt, Dannijo and vintage watchband necklaces, UO longline bra, Levi’s, Topshop Andi boots, Theory bag)

An outfit I made up in the backseat of Bryan’s car out of basics I’d stuffed into Colin’s backpack over the course of a few days. Tights are always the most entertaining to battle in small spaces. But they’re also my favorite thing to wear in the rain (they never get as miserably soaked as pants)…along with platform shoes for the freedom to step directly into smallish puddles. This bag makes everything look like I wore it on purpose.

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9:54 am

two for two

14/10/2010, fashion week, nyc, topshop

Miss you Bryan. Luckily we get along with each other’s boyfriends..though I am jealous that he’s hanging out with Elin in Stockholm right now. The diner from the first photo = worst food + best random 3am conversation. Oh, and every time we go out to eat he spills ice water a centimeter away from spelling certain disaster for either my technological devices or clothing or general temperature. But he never actually gets me. What is that Bryan?

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13/10/2010, fashion week, nyc, zara

(Zara dress, Jessica Simpson Dany platforms, Deadly Ponies bag, Whyred sunglasses, fashiontoast x Dannijo Deserver Cuff)

The Zara dress (wish I could have worn this to a concert in the ’70s..but the Meatpacking district will do) I wore as a top back in June and the beautiful bag that Liam from Deadly Ponies sent me a few weeks ago. And..the most forlorn of styrofoam cups. These shoes have taken a beating but I still love them..

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8:37 pm

ponsonby road

12/10/2010, fashion week, new zealand, vintage, zara

(Therese Rawsthorne dress, vintage slip, Zara jacket, vintage bag, BCBG Mendel boots)

I’m not sure quite how to classify this Therese Rawsthorne piece..I definitely thought it was just a sheer long dress with a cool curved waist when I held it up off the rack at Black Box and even when I tried it on I must have stuck both legs through one hole (this was after enlisting both Colin’s and Anna’s help to figure out how to put it on) because I left convinced I had bought a dress..tried it on the next day and turns out it’s some sort of extreme sheer trousers hybrid. SWEET. I celebrated with a small jig. We took these shots during a couple free hours spent getting our last dose of New Zealand coffee (so good) and walking around aimlessly.

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9:33 pm

in between

10/10/2010, fashion week, new zealand, phillip lim, vintage

Waiting to head to the opening ceremony the first night of NZFW..lounging in the lobby of the Hilton and trying to look alive after the most disorienting of flights and time changes, wearing Bodkin sweater, vintage hooded jacket, Forever 21 black stone ring, 3.1 Phillip Lim leather shorts, fashiontoast x Dannijo Loveless ring, and BCBG Mendel boots.

Categories: fashion week, new zealand, phillip lim, vintage