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03/02/2010, details

(Jas MB covered stud clutch)

I’d never heard of the label Jas MB before but I knew this was the oversized clutch I’ve been subconsciously dreaming about the second I laid eyes on it at Barney’s Co-op. Studs have done more then their fair share of the blog rounds (well, and real life too I suppose) spurring declarations of being so over them..for me it’s more about the specific piece and how you wear it rather than writing off entire categories of styles and silhouettes. Which is actually the way I approach thrift stores too…a completely open mind is the only path to finding anything good.

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20/01/2010, details, jewelry, la

1. Lara Vincent headdress, vintage bags, belt, and necklace
2. Pamela Love x Zac Posen earrings + red velvet cupcake at Toast

Current favorite accessories. I picked up these earrings last week during a trip to Opening was a close call between them and a pair of exaggeratedly wide legged Chloe Sevigny x OC trousers but those were a bit too big at the waist so morning glory earrings it was. Now I’m only a possibly mismatched faux hair headband, an armor choker, and a swipe of orange-y lipstick away from the complete look. It’s good to have impossible dreams, don’t you think? And I figured my favorite clutch discovery of all time needed to be shown in a bit more detail..the funniest thing about it is that its pleather composition is offset by the most intricate distinct medallions that have some pretty good weight to them. It came with this horrible little thin strap that I hacked off as soon as something sharp presented itself and actually I’m now reminded that I wanted to replace it with a chain so I could wear it across the body. Mostly because round things are easier to lose than rectangular things.

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