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this time

05/04/2010, ankle boots, back to the woods, california love

ph. by Colin

(Something Else by Natalie Wood zipper sweater from Black Box in Auckland, American Apparel bull denim shorts, Forever 21 leopard tights, LD Tuttle boots)

Hopping around a field and high on nature, baring shoulders at 46 degrees, watching the crows fly ahead more slowly and quietly than in a dream, letting the wind feed me my hair, running and talking faster and faster to keep warm, falling and not caring, forgetting about almost everything. Ten minutes on a Sunday.

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i’m sure i used to be so free

30/03/2010, california love, neverending summer, sd

ph. by Colin

(gifted Shakuhachi lace shirtdress, Alexander Wang bra, Levi’s shorts, Deadly Ponies bag, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, Karen Walker sunglasses, H&M jacket)

It’s been hot for the past couple days…triblend romper hot. Kind of disgusting, but fun for acai bowls in the grass. Felt pretty prepared with a blanket and all but turns out full-on pavilions are de rigeur these days. Where are people even buying these things? I never see them for sale in stores. Cause you know I want one. I may or may not settle for a tent with lots of zippers.

Shakuhachi gave me a reason to love pink. Australian designers just keep on coming out with those pieces that are as wearable as they are different.

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two tone

29/03/2010, brr dude, california love, mane and tail

ph. by Kristin

Huntington Beach at 5pm, in thrifted shearling jacket..haven’t dyed my hair since November and it shows.

ETA I’m not going to dye it anytime soon! I’ve been waiting for it to get to this stage…

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staring at the little blotch of sunshine with a special intensity

28/03/2010, california love, nails, sd
(sunglasses courtesy of Karen Walker, Forever 21 chain headband, Erin Wasson x RVCA tshirt, thrifted skirt, Chanel wedges, vintage coat)
I’m really picky about tortoiseshell shades but these are perfect and feel vaguely know, unlike my 9,000th faux fur collared coat I have on here…anyway, they were a gift via my trip to New Zealand fashion week along with my favorite round pair. Finally thrifted a long black skirt (sorry, won’t say ‘maxi’ as much as Anna won’t say ‘bootie’..typing it in quotations doesn’t count) and painted my nails this questionable shade over lunch. Which made my sandwich taste like nail polish + I feel like I accidentally ate some off of my index finger and have been slightly depressed about it ever since.
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26/03/2010, ankle boots, brr dude, california love, sd

(Yesstyle jacket, LF sweater, American Apparel shorts and lace tights, Sam Edelman boots)

Late afternoon coffee run and a smushy jacket from…which, I’m sorry, is impossible to navigate. I recommend looking through it via Polyvore if you actually want to find anything.

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