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15/04/2010, california love, details, jewelry, sd

Kristin gave me a bottle of her new nail polish to play with. Following up winter’s poison-looking Dickweed is Jizz. Read more about it here, here, and here.

Also pictured: my new skull ring courtesy of Leviticus (better shots to come), Grey Ant Status shades, and Urbn headscarf.

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drink me

13/04/2010, back to the woods, california love, mane and tail

Thank you to Gail Sorronda for sending me this’s covered in netted sequins giving it an asteroid look and a texture unlike anything else in my closet. Make sure to check out the exotic lash mask and black chalk bag on the site..beautiful and pretty ideal to fling carelessly on your dresser to make it look that much cooler.

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cross my heart

12/04/2010, back to the woods, california love, mane and tail

ph. by Colin

(gifted Stylestalker dress, Forever21 and Pamela Love rings, d luxe and vintage necklaces, random nude fishnets, Jessica Simpson platforms)

I’ve been dressing more for warmth and comfort for nights out (the usual trashy crap with functional jacket and tights…not really that different I guess) it’s more fun to save the naked dresses for trips to whatever field is closest to the freeway. I mean adding outerwear would defeat the purpose here right? I had no idea this dress would cut across the body so crazily when I held it up for the first time in my living room (actually I had no idea what to make of it in general) so that was a err fun surprise when I pulled it on in the car. Somewhere along the way I stopped trying clothes on properly..that’s probably not for the best but sometimes planning ruins everything. A lot of my favorite outfits have been the result of putting together whatever’s in my backseat. Is that just me?

I’ve gotten a lot of emails about these shoes..I think they’ve been re-released? I’m not sure but that’s what someone said. Right now Kumo is nestled up against them. They’re very popular apparently. For the record, they’re really comfortable and run true to size.

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this too shall pass

09/04/2010, california love

1,2, and 4 customized by me, 3 customized by Kristin

Playing around with Kristin after hours at RVCA. I forgot about all the things that printed pictures allow you to do. Wearing a bunch of sheer nude pieces scavenged from a 20 foot radius and cut up.

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forget safety live where you fear to live destroy your reputation be notorious

07/04/2010, california love, nightlife, sd, white dresses anonymous

ph. by Colin

(Alexander Wang jacket, Claude Maus dress, Forever 21 leather shorts, gifted Ruby New Zealand lace/button bustier, gifted Genevieve Jones fringe clutch, Miu Miu satin platforms, YSL rings and gifted Soixante Neuf/Planet Blue ring)

Strange feeling when you discover that a couple pieces of clothing you’ve owned for six months go together seamlessly. Makes you feel exactly as stupid as you do smart. This dress is one of my favorite pieces in my closet for it’s loose cut and ability to work in any situation given a few accessory changes..but the effect the bustier has on cinching it in just kind of..completes it. So much love for NZ and Australian designers right now. And blindingly bright overhead motion sensor lights.

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