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and I think there’s a reason at least there’s a sign

04/05/2010, back to the woods, california love, in a button down again, vintage

ph. by Colin
(vintage silk double breasted blazer, American Apparel bull denim shorts, vintage leopard print belt, random nude fishnets, LD Tuttle boots, Noir/vintage/F21 jewelry)

In beautiful Julian..lately when the weekend hits all I feel like doing is driving far away, doesn’t matter in what direction. I wish Mexico was more of an option but the border just hasn’t been safe lately. So it’s been a while since that’s happened. The fact that most of the town was closed for a reason we never found out and the unreal cutting wind made it feel even more remote..and the fact that we didn’t interact with a single person out there. I found the blazer a while ago at a thrift that it has the boxy oversized cut of any other thrift store blazer but it takes on the softer feel of a top in this cream silk. Also stuck some crystals at the inner corners of my eyes with glue of questionable safety. Who else wants to hang out for a month or so at the barn/trailer compound? There’s even a defunct post office right by it to play in.

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here comes the flash

29/04/2010, ankle boots, back to the woods, california love, mane and tail

ph. by me
(gifted Erin Wasson x RVCA “Here Comes the Flash” knit romper and Forever 21 feather earrings, Jeffrey Campbell for Free People boots)

This thing could not be more appropriately named…nice one Erin. I think I could live on a wardrobe of awkward knits without getting bored. The shorts and dresses that Stolen Girlfriends Club showed in September would be invited too.

I had a damn exciting shoot last Monday in LA with Forever 21..jumping/hopping/bending backwards wearing 5 inch heels in a studio and fake hair included. Most of the extensions came out with some vigorous brushing that same night but I decided to screw around and take some photos the next day before they were all history. The glue, however, didn’t budge until Colin suggested getting some peanut butter in there to coax it out..was not pretty..but it worked. And I even got to use the good peanut butter.

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i’ll mean it even when i’m talking to myself

28/04/2010, alexander wang, california love, sd

ph. by Colin
(vintage sweater and silver chain necklace, Alexander Wang silk shorts and leather backpack, Target socks, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, Noir bracelets)

There is no denying that these are just designer boxer shorts + some draping and folding, which makes me a sucker in the worst way. But I figured this isn’t one of those things where you can just go the crappy route and buy a cheaper version cause those would just be…actual boxer shorts. And even I’m not ready to be that awkward yet. Still, I’ve probably lost it. Luckily I’ve worn them to death already this month so I don’t feel as bad. Also love the exposed seams and mile long sleeves on this sweater..worn with my trusty standby accessories. All of them.

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25/04/2010, alexander wang, beach life, california love, sd

ph. by Colin
(Mason by Michelle Mason Multi Strap Minidress, Ray-ban Wayfarers, Forever 21 headband, Alexander Wang Diego bag)

Not warm enough for the beach yet..but warm enough for bike rides and flimsy tunic dresses..the ultimate in no brainer dressing. I was set on finding light gray nail polish this week and ended up with Essie’s Great Expectations..I really wanted more of a cement but it’ll do for now.

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not for nothing

23/04/2010, back to the woods, california love, sd, topshop

ph. by me
(Topshop Unique dress)

I got this dress at Topshop in Tokyo..the body of it is probably about five feet wide and it runs further with the drop shoulder than I’ve ever seen, putting it in that murkily unattractive category I love so much..add in the dusty pink color and it pretty much looks and feels like something to wear to sleep. An idea I’d like to follow through with to it’s full extent but the zippers kind of kill it. Still a very useful garment though. Wore it with motorcycle boots that the weeds buried and not much else.

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