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even side

23/06/2010, actually wearing jeans, balenciaga, california love, sd

(eBayed shirt, Stevie jeans courtesy of Elizabeth and James, UO leopard scarf, Ray-ban aviators, Jessica Simpson heels, Balenciaga bag)

What I wore today while running last minute errands before flying out to New York tomorrow for the Forever 21 store opening in Times Square..which devolved into dinner at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants instead of packing. I figure I’ll sort it out in the morning and just throw everything I’m liking the most into a suitcase/hope for the best/what I always do no matter what. I wanted to bring these jeans because I’m obsessed with them but 90 degree weather forecasts killed that idea…the top I bought months ago on eBay from South Korea (keyword fringe can be useful) and forgot all about it until it finally arrived in a spacey silver mailer last week and turned out to be the most perfect fringe tshirt ever. The only weird part being that the label in the back reads “Colin”. Random.

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weekend shots

21/06/2010, california love, sd

My last weekend at home for a little while..traveling to New York and Tokyo this week, then Philadelphia and San Francisco in July. And finally signed a lease on the perfect crash pad in LA so I won’t have to be driving back and forth from San Diego the same day all the time. Well I’ll still be driving a lot but it’ll just make things..easier. Plus my mom got me those crazy transparent “Ghost” chairs..I’ve always wanted those things and for no specifiable reason. Newer pieces I’m wearing here: meshy Alexander Wang henley, Winter Kate silk cardigan, vintage stone ring, and Forever 21 lace ruffle shorts they gave me from the photo shoot.

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when you throw a bunch of people together in the forest, they become something more than just a bunch of people together in the forest

15/06/2010, back to the woods, california love, topshop

(Meadham Kirchoff x Topshop asymmetrical dress, vintage slip, Miu Miu clogs)

Got ahead of myself on the Topshop collaborations there…first there was Meadham Kirchoff. I probably would have worn most of the line because it’s fun to look like a downtrodden fairy but I decided against the embellished pieces because I never wear sequins as much as I convince myself I might. The raw hem and asymmetrical patchwork quadrant are magical enough (this is me convincing myself that the peachy crop top layered dress is extraneous to my’s only kind of working).

Colin and I slipped down layers of leaves on almost ninety degree slants and got entangled in disturbingly strong spiderwebs to get to this spot…it was completely blocked from the sun and encircled by the greenest life I’ve seen in Southern California for a while. With the wispy dress and crunchy surroundings I ended up accidentally channeling one of my favorite movie characters, Pixel in Happy Campers ie. Jaime King as a bohemian (in every sense of the word) camp counselor dressed in sheer layers and glittery bits. You probably haven’t seen it but you should. I think I caught it on TV once and now it’s one of the very select movies I own. Not saying it isn’t completely stupid too, because it is.

Talia: Here’s where we tell you that this was the summer we lost our innocence.
Donald: But really, it’s the summer we got it back.
Jasper: Excuse the cheese, but love matters, respect matters, and causing pain is never cool.
Pixel: Actually causing pain is about the coolest thing you can do, but cool isn’t what it used to be.

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03/06/2010, balenciaga, california love, neverending summer, sd

Running errands today…2 second outfit post for an outfit that took as much time to choose and put on..wearing Minkpink’s Rapunzel Maxi Dress with corseted back that Nastygal’s Sophia sent me, Jeffrey Campbell motorcycle boots, and Balenciaga bag.

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throw her in the water

02/06/2010, beach life, california love, sd, zara

(Zara dress and belt, gifted Aritzia shorts, Miu Miu platforms, gifted Karen Walker sunglasses, Balenciaga bag, vintage bracelets)

Catching some sun on a Tuesday afternoon in the fruits of a little shopping I did in Vancouver (Aritzia=wonderland)..I’ve been inadvertently adding all these nudes and pinks to my wardrobe, mostly in silhouettes that are about ten times the size of my body. Somewhere in my brain this makes sense.

Memorial Day was strangely uneventful..most of the time around here the fine holiday turns into an excuse for widespread excess alcohol consumption but things stayed pretty calm around the beach and there were only a couple woohoos per hour. This is fine by me for the purpose of maintaining a sense of personal space but if the 4th of July follows suit I’ll be slightly concerned.

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