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bumming around in silverlake

13/08/2010, ankle boots, balenciaga, california love, la, silverlake, vintage

(vintage open knit fringe dress over vintage silk slipdress, Mercury Duo shorts, Fiorentini & Baker boots, Forever 21 necklace, Balenciaga bag)

A while ago someone left a comment that sort of stuck with me, describing what my style used to be as charming, whimsical, hardcore, and hippie all rolled into one (simultaneously saying that it was no longer any of that and that I was losing myself..but that’s not at all my point). Though made in a slightly negative context, they had some interesting points to bring up and had my best interests in mind – I found it more interesting than hurtful. I have a hard time defining my style..mostly I just grab things I like, literally from everywhere, and then tweak the details until it all looks right to me in that particular moment. But I like the sound of those four words used together, even if that anonymous commenter was trying more to describe what they weren’t seeing…I think my problem is I’d rather wear and live in the clothes rather than ponder exactly why I wear them (also why I dread the template interview). Overthinking the meaning of the semi-meaningless is one of my least favorite parts of the world of blogging..probably because sometimes my mind falls victim to it too. Ideally style is first and foremost a natural, personal thing..the blogs or even people in general outside of fashion that I find the most inspiring are the ones with a very specific point of view.

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stone as heavy as the moon

09/08/2010, ankle boots, back to the woods, california love, white dresses anonymous

(BCBG dress, Sam Edelman Falken boots, vintage necklaces)

Colin and I are such freaks. Have you ever driven really far just for a change of weather for a few hours? The lack of hot summer nights in San Diego led us to this road meandering through crackling dry fields circled in by smooth hills where nightfall meant a drop to 80 degrees. Picked up this dreamcatcher for $20 on the side of the road from a woman who seemed much more focused on her birdhouses and jam selection. It’s now safely hanging next to the window above my bed but the bad dreams aren’t all gone.

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09/08/2010, alexander wang, california love, sd, vintage

(vintage top, Lowluv necklace, vintage Levi’s shorts, Jessica Simpson Dany heels, Alexander Wang Angela bag)

I got back from Tokyo yesterday and after failing to stay up with some late afternoon coffee, proceeded to sleep for 15 hours. I woke up so confused. Should it even be possible to do that? Anyway, the trip was rad – my hotel room was about a foot from the Tokyo tower with a view I never quite wrapped my mind around, I met so many amazing people (including ViVi’s Marie who is so sweet!), shot with Elle and ElleGirl in Aoyama, roamed around the city with my lovely booker Jen, went to Le Baron with my friends from Mercury Duo Haruka and Kenji, bought some things for fall (mostly various shades of gross brown tones in leather and velvet), had some exciting meetings that I’ll hopefully be able to tell you more about soon, and brought back an enormous Kapibara-san that my cats really don’t trust.

These shots are from Starlite in San Diego..make sure to stop by if you’re in town, it’s one of our favorite places to waste time slowly.

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sun in my eyes at lake cuyamaca

01/08/2010, back to the woods, california love, vintage

1. vintage polka dot top and beaten up Docs from the LA flea market
2. silhouette of the 5-north

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26/07/2010, back to the woods, california love

(eBay-ed fringe to the store here, Erin Wasson x RCVA knit romper)

I’ve had this obsession with wearing rompers folded over as shorts this summer…the first time I did this I think I was scrambling to get dressed to answer the door and my AA triblend version was the closest available option. Really comfortable, although this one definitely requires a belt to stay up..learned this the hard way while hiking around Mission Trails Park and ended up improvising after the tenth time they almost fell off entirely by tying the straps in a way I’m pretty sure I couldn’t replicate. Yeah next time..belt.

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