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how can you forget to breathe

01/09/2010, ankle boots, beach life, california love, jewelry, la

(poncho courtesy of Leyendecker, IRO bodysuit, Fiorentini and Baker boots)

The fact that this thing looks exactly like the blanket stashed in my car for spontaneous picnics and bonfires makes it feel like I’ve already owned it forever. Though this version 2.0 deal might be a little more flattering to drape all over the place and I’ll probably think twice before laying it on top of questionable grass and sand. Wore this to Venice Beach and it was all so quiet and perfect and warm that it stopped feeling real pretty quickly.

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basics in a plastic lawn chair

31/08/2010, actually wearing jeans, california love

My love affair with Elizabeth and James’ Stevie jeans continues. I must be on crack because the idea of a burnout top suddenly took on appeal after eons of staying away from the stuff.

I’ve been in LA for the past few days – a couple photo shoots (one of which ended in face paint, coon hats, and Polaroids), two rounds of vegan Thai food, catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in too long, sharing a dressing room with the boyfriend at Live on Sunset (our joint new favorite brand = Iro…henley for him and a bodysuit for me in the same moth eaten ancient sweats material), trying to look helpful while he replaced doorknobs and put together massive shelving units, frequent caffeine fuel-ups at 7-11, and deciding that a vintage trunk full of shoes is a highly acceptable and much sturdier stand-in for a coffee table. One more meeting before heading back to San Diego…and a week left before we leave for New York!

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trying to remember how to picture it

26/08/2010, actually wearing jeans, back to the woods, california love, j brand, sd

(Stylestalker top and J Brand jeans courtesy of Stylestalker and J Brand, Sam Edelman Falken boots, F21 headband)

The more everyday-wearable counterpart to Stylestalker’s Vulture dress I posted a few months ago..I unlaced the front to leave the grommets open and kept it simple with jeans.

Enjoying the last of summer in San Diego and LA before leaving for New York and New Zealand next month. For now, focused on the glamorous task of driving to the Canon service center in Irvine..ugh.

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summer skin

24/08/2010, california love, la, my photography, neverending summer, sd, vintage

1. twentysevennames sheer tshirt and thrifted suede skirt (think it was someone’s DIY Halloween project at one point) shot with a Fuji Instax
2. the dreamcatcher I bought a few weeks ago by my window
3. kimono dress that Obakki gave me, worn with rolled down Erin Wasson x RVCA knit one-piece and RVCA side slit top that I lost at Narita last month in an attempt to get my suitcase under 50 lbs.
4. matcha lattes at Urth
5. Pacific Beach
6. view from a gas station – old VW bus flanked by palm trees

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headed to stockholm

14/08/2010, california love, la, white dresses anonymous

Waiting for my first flight on a long journey right now..SD to LAX to Frankfurt to Stockholm…goodbye for a few days California.

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