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pet my sweater

10/01/2011, actually wearing jeans, brr dude, california love, j brand, topshop, vintage

(vintage suede coat, J Brand Martini Flare jeans, Forever 21 sunglasses, Topshop clutch, Tristan Blair wedges)

Never cold in my heaviest coat..this thing weighs about 25 pounds thanks to the most painstaking shearling lining and quilting job I’ve ever seen. You’d think I would take it when traveling anywhere cold but I can never commit to wearing it in the plane since I just picture everyone blandly staring at me as I hop around madly trying to smash it into an overhead compartment. So wintry beach it is. While we were taking these some dude walked by and slowly and somewhat drunkenly drawled “I really like the color of your..sweater”. Yes. Sweater. Thanks dude.

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three hundred and fifty four days of sunshine a year

28/12/2010, ankle boots, california love, palm springs, topshop

(Topshop dress, Egoiste necklace, Fiorentini and Baker suede fold over boots)

The only place that it wasn’t pouring last weekend- Palm Springs. Reason enough to drive out, so Colin and I packed up the car (or I took up every inch with shoes and coats I didn’t end up wearing) to stay at the Viceroy for a couple nights. I think around now is the most dead it gets out there, and the empty overcast gloom was creepily awesome juxtaposed against the time capsule of a town. I got this dress from the lovely people at Topshop Shinjuku who gave me free rein to choose three pieces to take home with me. Kid in a candy store experience. This dress (from Kate Moss’ last collection with them, so sad!) resembles a giant necklace/spiderweb and has some pretty good bell sleeves so it checks a lot of boxes for me. Could make a pretty good New Year’s Eve dress too but San Francisco is going to be a lot more unfriendly temperature-wise.

And I swear I can jump higher than that but the creepy mattress was just as sad as it looks…. it had zero give. Nice butterfly print though.

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follow me down to the rose parade

23/12/2010, back to the woods, california love

(Therese Rawsthorne dress, Zara scarf, Theory bag, fashiontoast x DANNIJO necklace, Jessica Simpson Dany platforms, Stetson hat)

I think wearing all of your favorite crap at once is a very valid way to get dressed. There was no one around for about a mile when we shot these, I think. But you still get that feeling in such a hauntingly beautiful place that you’re being watched. I was half expecting some field specter/Mr. McGregor type to emerge out of nowhere waving something or other around but he never showed up. One day I’ll wear this dress in the more elegant way it was probably intended for.

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like the next will never come

20/12/2010, brr dude, california love, life in black and white

(Elizabeth and James jacket, LF button front dress, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, Zara scarf)

Elizabeth and James sent me this beautiful jacket, which is pretty much a blanket of the softest suede cut into a more flattering version of a Sith robe. So awesome.

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i won’t be weird i’ll be whatever what you want me to be

16/12/2010, back to the woods, california love, jewelry, topshop, vintage

(RP Encore headpiece, Topshop velvet dress, Jeffrey Campbell Climber boots, vintage wool poncho)

Some people love to wear new things immediately..I am the opposite (to a fault), I have to wait to feel like I’m in the exact mood to wear something. Colin had been egging me on to break this headpiece out for a few months and we finally came upon the perfect place to shoot it while running around one of the canyons by our place in San Diego. Although arguably a happened upon tepee is the perfect place to take pictures of anything. RP Encore is a fascinating label, as in one of those sites you click on that makes you stop and stare to figure out exactly what is going on. The idea behind designer Reid Peppard’s designs reminds me of American Beauty’s Ricky Fitts’ take on ordinary or grisly sights taking your breath away if you just take the time to see them right (I’m sure everyone remembers the plastic bag scene):

Ricky Fitts: I was filming this dead bird.
Angela Hayes: Why?
Ricky Fitts: Because it’s beautiful.

That scene pretty much inspired the entirety of my interest in photography, and is probably why I take way too many shots of like, the ground and broken things. Anyway, Reid uses animals that have already suffered their fates and transforms them into everything from cufflinks to necklaces. This is of course visually upsetting to some people and some of the pieces may be hard to translate into daily wear, possibly including this headpiece she sent me, as much as I may love it. But the final message I get from her work is the possibility of finding and creating beauty from unlikely sources. Check out this Huffington post article here if you remain curious.

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