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coachella one

19/04/2011, california love, coachella, palm springs, topshop, vintage

(Topshop sheer dress, vintage slip, Deadly Ponies bag, Jeffrey Campbell boots)

Just got back from the best weekend ever in Coachella, a blur of awesome bands, questionable food, ubiquitous denim shorts and/or fringe, shuttles from arbitrary shopping malls to fashion pool parties (Jeremy Scott at Elvis’ house! Phillip Lim at Joan Collins’!), carpooling around the desert with Garance, overly optimistic time management, a trunk full of dusty boots, and um a Ron Jeremy sighting? A ton more photos to come! xo

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15/04/2011, acne, back to the woods, california love, white dresses anonymous

(Acne Dolphin dress, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Arc necklace)

Not only the draped fit of a monk’s robe but even the cord belt. Weird but it works. Acne was so good this season with the monochromatic layering and leather hats, but the silk dresses and low boots stood out to me the most. I love pieces like this that don’t require much of anything to look right, simple brainless dressing. I might try wearing it unbelted next for an even more smock-y look.

I’m here in Palm Desert trying to organize my stuff in the hotel and get ready for the first day of Coachella tomorrow. 93 degrees tomorrow apparently, I actually thought it was going to be so much worse..yay!

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13/04/2011, california love, details, la

(Foley and Corinna linen sweater)

Recent acquisition from Planet Blue. There was no holding back on the braiding and tassels here, which are weighty and thick and therefore awesome. Did a quick check of what else the brand has available right now and fell in love with this sheer cardigan/coverup/dress/doesn’t really even matter. Looks perfect for floating around in at Coachella..

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rose parade

13/04/2011, california love, home sweet home, my photography, shoe porn, silverlake

Stone Cold Fox Dermis Dress, one of seven shoe shelves, another palm tree shot, and my parents’ copy of Nine Stories

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low key

10/04/2011, actually wearing jeans, brr dude, california love, General, j brand, la, silverlake, zara

(Zara knit, J Brand 10″ jeans, Theory bag, Dolce and Gabbana wedges)

It suddenly got so “cold” the past few days here in LA…I subsequently switched to giant sweater and jeans and literal effortless makeup mode. Obviously I’m not kidding around with the giantness, it is most unflatteringly tent-like. I got this thing last fall before NY fashion week and ended up leaving it on one of my highest shelves for um months shortly thereafter. Two huge faded patches to prove it. I only realized the hobbit window situated right above it all that time was the culprit after attempting to lint roll the faded sections off. Not my most evolved moment.

I got my hair touched up on Friday at Chris McMillan – the blonde bits were growing out and basically I wanted to extend them a little up again and even things out. The number of questions I get about my hair never ceases to amaze me and I always feel a little useless explaining that I used to bleach the crap out of it and then just stopped..least helpful response ever? Anyway, it was time for a little update. I made an appointment with Casey Carhart and went in slightly nervous about the first dye to touch my hair in almost two years..but she was so sweet and had exactly the light touch I wanted. The ends are brighter and the transition from light to dark more uniform now. Definitely recommend going to her if you want something similar done.

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