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plain and simple

15/07/2011, california love, isabel marant, sneakers, vintage

(vintage shirt, Ksubi shorts, Isabel Marant sneakers)

Super simple today. I bought these sneakers at Creatures of Comfort on Melrose a few months ago and they’ve become my favorite shoes to do nothing types of activities in like buy ice around the corner or go to the farmer’s market. I saw the velcro version of them on Garance’s site last year and was slightly intrigued by the idea (and very entertained by the conversation they sparked), but apparently not enough to keep me from slightly forgetting they existed. So when I was just about to hand over my card when picking up some basics and saw these at the base of a mannequin nearby I did a double take and maybe slightly lunged at them in a really graceful way to try them on. I love the soft suede, the vague desert boot thing they have going on, and the more pared down look with the laces..and of course the hidden wedge that gives me the closest thing I’m going to get to my dream of being 5’9″ in flats.

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slow sunday

10/07/2011, california love, san francisco

Back in California and happy about planning some beach days and not living out of a suitcase. Hopefully I’ll get some photo diaries up this week too.

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windshield life

06/06/2011, california love, la, my photography, silverlake

One of my favorite parts about living in LA is ducking into side streets to avoid traffic and discovering the most distorted views and dreamy little neighborhoods. This happens almost daily but I happened to have my camera on hand today.

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i think, they thought “nobody” was there

28/05/2011, alexander wang, california love, isabel marant, la, silverlake

(BCBGeneration tank, Isabel Marant belt, Forever 21 shorts, Topshop boots, Alexander Wang Jena clutch)

Warm sunset in Silver Lake, so dreamy. Basic silk tank with the uniform. Ponytail courtesy of having used this awful new Garnier conditioner that turned my hair into what felt like a superglued mass affixed to my head. This ended up being depressing when my fingers kept getting stuck or my hair tosses abbreviated so I braided it upwards and pulled it back in defeat. I wish I was better at hair things so I could wear it some other way than down..but I always forget it’s even an option to do something more than nothing to it. Maybe I’ll try to remember to screw with it more. This week I’m cementing some summer plans – right now it’s looking like Tokyo to Paris to London and then the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco in August. I haven’t left California since the Tokyo earthquake cause I just wanted to stay put for a while but I’m getting excited to work on a summer suitcase and see some new sights. Feels like it’s time again.

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got to get to climb your tree

25/05/2011, ankle boots, california love, isabel marant, la, silverlake

(Bec and Bridge parka, Isabel Marant dress over Herff Christiansen dress, Barbara Bui boots, Chan Luu bracelet)I love the idea of throwing on large utilitarian-looking things that feel as if they’ve been beaten over rocks for a few centuries over small things that look to have washed ashore onto said rocks after failing at their original purpose of capturing marine life. Yes. It’s all about finding the right balance. This Bec and Bridge piece is oversized and longer in the back and reminds me of a shirt a science teacher might wear. But it’s a parka and therefore awesome.

I wore it with an Isabel Marant open knit cotton tank dress (?) I got at Creatures of Comfort and Barbara Bui motorcycle boots that I had dyed black from a much less wearable pewter. Well worth the two week wait and the involved process of removing the dye from the rivets one by one with cosmetic Q-tips dipped in nail polish remover. Actually that part was kind of fun. Right now they’re looking a little obscenely jet black but they should slowly dull beautifully. End outfit post.

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