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ny photo diary

04/03/2010, brr dude, my photography, nyc, photo diary, vintage

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(photos by me and Colin)

Supposed to be packing right now but I like going through photos more than figuring out what to wear in Tokyo when my grandma explains that the weather is like winter one day and spring the next. One thing is for sure I’m not bringing any of the jackets I wore to death in NY.

Oh and if anyone has recommendations for awesome stores etc. in Tokyo please share..

And the Mexican hot chocolate at 88 Orchard is worth dying for.


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winter white

02/03/2010, brr dude, nyc

(Forever 21 parka over vintage coat, thrifted shirt and skirt, Topshop cropped sweater, Chloe boots, Plush tights, H&M angora beanie)

Central Park in the snow. Two bulky coats gave me about 45 minutes of warmth before the cold hit and necessitated finding a cafe to thaw out in.

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first morning in nyc

17/02/2010, brr dude, nyc

(vintage leopard coat and sweater, Henry Duarte x J Brand jeans, ribbed knee socks, D&G wedges, Alexander Wang Hilary bag)

J Brand sent me some jeans last one commenter noted, I “don’t own any pants”. This isn’t entirely true, but honestly I just hate shopping for them since I barely every try clothes on in stores. I trust my eye for picking out my size for everything..except jeans. But these are a perfect second skin.

New York has been amazing and nonstop and I am dead tired right now…I got by in the above outfit by wearing two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, and three tops. The city is freezing! But so beautiful.

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there’s no way out this fade out

09/02/2010, alexander wang, biker jackets for life, brr dude, california love, sd

(Alexander Wang jacket, vintage everything else)

Saturday was stormy and the day was spent my favorite parts from Franny and Zooey, cleaning, and trying to make stir fry work with a really bare fridge. Peanut butter and raspberry jam and soymilk bare. Then I remembered that LF was having a sale so I dragged Colin along to La Jolla and made out with the only mid-height boots I’ve been okay with for a long time and a couple sweaters that required holding in the air four different ways before being able to make sense of them. We walked down to the beach to see how wild the ocean looked (very) and then ran back to the car in record time when the downpour began. Drove up to Mt. Soledad to see the cross on top of the city through the mist, tentatively evacuated vehicle safety to take a couple photos and break in the new boots properly in the mud, half froze to death in the sharp wind, and spotted seven bunnies scampering along on the grass. Felt very accomplished when I managed to photograph them in time.

Somewhere in between boring and perfect.

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