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blush tones

01/12/2010, beauty, tokyo

Today’s makeup and sunset in Tokyo (with a just barely visible Mt. Fuji in the distance)..actually didn’t step outside once today because I was working all day at an event in the hotel but it looked nice. The hotel is so magical and easy to get lost in that it’s a good one to camp out in. Maybe it was freezing? Blandly temperate? Tomorrow I will venture forth for the opening of the Marc Jacobs store in Aoyama but for now it’s off to sleep.

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on beauty

19/10/2010, beauty

Some of my favorite products:

  • Boots No7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes – I could never manage traveling without these..long stretches with minimal access to trustworthy sinks make them my best friend. But now I’m actually using them more instead of washing my face with soap and water too much even when acceptable sinks seems more gentle. And also very lazy person-friendly.
  • Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré – Makeup artist staples get my attention…I always ask them about what they’re doing and what their favorite products are when they work on me, I’m sure it’s extremely irritating. This is right before I ask them to un-extend the smoky eyes they just did on me or if they could use my mascara instead. Yes I am indeed the worst. This moisturizer is light and almost fluffy and absorbs into the skin in about three seconds, and apparently it triples as a primer and makeup remover too. Maybe I’m over-romantizing it’s French origins but I swear it lends a glow and has a clean almost herbal scent to it. Obsessed. I love when something that a million people swear by is really that good.
  • Boots No7 High Lights Illuminating Lotion – I add this luminizer to moisturizer or foundation in small quantities, and it also works on the inner corners of the eyes for a slight sheen. It’s pretty. And it lasts forever.
  • Giorgia Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – I hate most foundations and distrust both anyone’s ability to color match me and their opinions on what’s good. So feel free to write this off, I’ll understand. But I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else. Easy to use and buildable, and even the smallest amount looks somehow both matte and dewy.
  • Maybelline Volum’ Express waterproof mascara – I really love mascara and this is the only one that will do. I stock up so I don’t have to put off throwing it out after a month.
  • Stila Smudge Pot – I’ve wanted to try this forever but was confused on how to transfer the contents of a little black pot cleanly to my eyes. Then I found one of those pointy brushes in a random eyeshadow palette I had lying around and immediately became addicted. It really doesn’t budge.
  • Stila Eye Shadow Trio in Rocker – All the color I need is apparently none. Goes on smoothly and easily creates an intense look with the blackish section or something pretty with a just a touch of shimmer. I like only having to bring one eyeshadow when traveling, my shoes take up everything else’s fair share of space.
If you’re in the mood to check any of these out, you have 12 hours from when this posts to get a pretty sweet deal from through Tada – a $15 purchase gets you a $30 gift card to spend. Not sure how that’s even possible but before they realize the lack of logic to this deal might as well use it.

Hope that quells some people’s curiosity about my makeup routine…since makeup is apparently one of the first things people look up in association with my blog (this has always confused me) I felt kind of compelled. I’m hardly an expert but I do know what I like.
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hair and makeup by mio

04/07/2010, beauty, tokyo

The hair and makeup artists that I worked with in Japan were so so good that I kind of wanted to steal them away forever. The results were always somewhere between beachy and perfect and I’m finally inspired to learn how to use a curling iron. Maybe it’s because they’re used to working on halfies all the time? I tried to document Mio’s work from the ViVi shoot by the fading light in my hotel room. Seems like there was some kind of smudgy green eyeliner layered over the black..I dunno. Awesome though. Right after this I went out in Shibuya and got caught in the strongest and most sudden downpour I’ve ever witnessed..everyone else in sight was equipped with an umbrella of course.. err the makeup definitely looked better than the hair when soaking wet.

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midnight media

04/04/2010, beauty, details, nails, sd

Playing with MAC lipstick in Midnight Media, gold rings, and a fresh coat of nail polish (Sally Hansen in Commander in Chic). If you’re going to do black lipstick this is pretty much your best bet.

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