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generic dream

20/06/2013, beach life, california love, phillip lim, topshop


(Phillip Lim Orbit sunglasses, Topshop number tshirt, Friend of Mine Penny Lane pinafore, Barbara Bui boots)

Photo diary of an hour spent roaming Venice Beach on a Sunday. Was it surreal because I was delirious or was I delirious because it was surreal?

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splashing in the water to the beat

08/06/2013, beach life, california love, topshop


photos by me and Colin

(Brandy Melville USA knit tank, Topshop suede shorts, gas station sunglasses)

Hanging out at my favorite unincorporated surf town. Bolinas is only accessible via windy roads mountain goats might think twice about and purposefully unmarked by signs, but once you’re there it’s all wild raspberries growing on the side of the road, surfers loping towards the sand, and however you would describe the vibe where people are wringing out their laundry and setting up lawn chairs where the mayor’s office would probably have been if it existed. I wore bisque on ivory on white in the form of $6 liquor store shades. The easiest.

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bahamian getaway

10/05/2013, beach life, isabel marant


From last weekend in beautiful Nassau! I was invited by The Cove Atlantis to hang out for a couple days where the only brain utilization necessary was deciding how to allocate time properly to falling asleep in a cabana, swimming with dolphins, wandering around the casino in terrified awe, feasting at Nobu, and swimming in the actually warm ocean. Don’t hate me too much, the trip was so nonstop that it was kind of over in an instant. I wore about three and a half scraps of clothing the whole time, mostly consisting of a Marysia bikini, Ark & Co. scalloped shorts, and an old season Isabel Marant dress I pounced on recently. That chain bedecked knee boot season was one of the best. Thank you to The Cove for spoiling us and the crew Matthew, Pamela Love, Rebecca Minkoff, Samantha Barks, Selita Ebanks, and Bryanboy for general hijinks. Cue the Instagram dot connectors!


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white night

27/03/2013, beach life, la, white dresses anonymous

Image Hosted by photo moonshadows2_zpscacc955f.jpg

(ba&sh shirt, Iro Irwin skirt, Tom Ford sandals)

I’ve been addicted to these two pieces together this past week. Suede boots for day and mirrored foot corsets for night, one of the easier outfit transitions that’s gone down in my backseat. There’s a sentence that didn’t need to sound as dirty as it did. Anyway, a few of us went to go celebrate Bryan’s birthday a few days early in Malibu and the random weeknight reservation made for a perfectly quiet-except-for-us cabana experience. The Fords are fun and all but the real best accessory for airy type clothing has to be a pair of infernal heat lamps. Lincoln Center in February, please take note.

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windward ave.

03/03/2013, beach life, california love, la

 photo venice1_zps472374d0.jpgImage Hosted by

photos by Colin Sokol

(JW Anderson for Topshop denim shirt, Theysken’s Theory denim shorts, Topshop boots)

Made out pretty huge at the new Topshop at The Grove, this shirt being the score I was most triumphant about. So clean and just nautical enough, I love how asexual it is buttoned all the way up. If only because it invites balancing that factor out with the tiniest shorts I own (saying a lot). Perfect for a winter day in Venice Beach.

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