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05/09/2010, beach life, california love, topshop

(Topshop coat, gifted Mercury Duo dress, Doc Martens)

So many times I’ve stared at the sunset from this spot..the field and collection of dirt patches overlook a sheer rock face rising 300 feet above the ocean. Basically the perfect vantage point to see the last of the daylight and just kind of sit quietly or yell for no reason. I always look for the green flash that’s supposed to be visible before the sun completely disappears but have never actually seen it. I’m about to stop believing in it entirely but I probably won’t ever stop looking..

Clothing-wise, I predict I’ll be living semi-exclusively in this coat this autumn..never mind the fact that I have about 3000 times more outerwear than any Southern California resident should ever own. And I just added another vintage one to the collection..a gray blanket-y cape with a Nordic knit collar and horned buttons..felt good to go thrifting again.

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how can you forget to breathe

01/09/2010, ankle boots, beach life, california love, jewelry, la

(poncho courtesy of Leyendecker, IRO bodysuit, Fiorentini and Baker boots)

The fact that this thing looks exactly like the blanket stashed in my car for spontaneous picnics and bonfires makes it feel like I’ve already owned it forever. Though this version 2.0 deal might be a little more flattering to drape all over the place and I’ll probably think twice before laying it on top of questionable grass and sand. Wore this to Venice Beach and it was all so quiet and perfect and warm that it stopped feeling real pretty quickly.

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throw her in the water

02/06/2010, beach life, california love, sd, zara

(Zara dress and belt, gifted Aritzia shorts, Miu Miu platforms, gifted Karen Walker sunglasses, Balenciaga bag, vintage bracelets)

Catching some sun on a Tuesday afternoon in the fruits of a little shopping I did in Vancouver (Aritzia=wonderland)..I’ve been inadvertently adding all these nudes and pinks to my wardrobe, mostly in silhouettes that are about ten times the size of my body. Somewhere in my brain this makes sense.

Memorial Day was strangely uneventful..most of the time around here the fine holiday turns into an excuse for widespread excess alcohol consumption but things stayed pretty calm around the beach and there were only a couple woohoos per hour. This is fine by me for the purpose of maintaining a sense of personal space but if the 4th of July follows suit I’ll be slightly concerned.

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base camp

10/05/2010, beach life, california love, vintage

(thrifted crochet dress, vintage slip, Lowluv necklace, Jimmy Choo x H&M ankle cowboy boots)

San Onofre State beach..a drive up from the city (I use this term loosely), embedded in a yawning expanse of Marine territory, and at the bottom of a long winding dirt road (thank God for Jeeps)..but so worth it once you’re there.

Still breaking in the shoes I first wore here but bikini and flip flops ensued.

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25/04/2010, alexander wang, beach life, california love, sd

ph. by Colin
(Mason by Michelle Mason Multi Strap Minidress, Ray-ban Wayfarers, Forever 21 headband, Alexander Wang Diego bag)

Not warm enough for the beach yet..but warm enough for bike rides and flimsy tunic dresses..the ultimate in no brainer dressing. I was set on finding light gray nail polish this week and ended up with Essie’s Great Expectations..I really wanted more of a cement but it’ll do for now.

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