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such a familiar stranger

11/03/2011, balenciaga, italia, theyskens' theory

(Heathers knit, Theory leather pants, L’Autre Chose wedges, Balenciaga bag)

Taking a morning walk in Milan’s Brera district..I have to say all this travel and jet lag has really made me into the perfect morning person I never knew I had in me, I’m up by at least 7 every day no matter where I am. The world takes on a different feel when you aren’t maintaining consistent vampire hours. I even just managed to already make the the breakfast buffet at businessman hour at my hotel here in Roppongi. Made for some funny covert observation opportunities. I found these neutral suede wedges at a little store tucked away under an austere stone building on a rainy afternoon in them with socks but can’t wait to wear them under the California sun bare legged with shorts and a tshirt.

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bumming around in silverlake

13/08/2010, ankle boots, balenciaga, california love, la, silverlake, vintage

(vintage open knit fringe dress over vintage silk slipdress, Mercury Duo shorts, Fiorentini & Baker boots, Forever 21 necklace, Balenciaga bag)

A while ago someone left a comment that sort of stuck with me, describing what my style used to be as charming, whimsical, hardcore, and hippie all rolled into one (simultaneously saying that it was no longer any of that and that I was losing myself..but that’s not at all my point). Though made in a slightly negative context, they had some interesting points to bring up and had my best interests in mind – I found it more interesting than hurtful. I have a hard time defining my style..mostly I just grab things I like, literally from everywhere, and then tweak the details until it all looks right to me in that particular moment. But I like the sound of those four words used together, even if that anonymous commenter was trying more to describe what they weren’t seeing…I think my problem is I’d rather wear and live in the clothes rather than ponder exactly why I wear them (also why I dread the template interview). Overthinking the meaning of the semi-meaningless is one of my least favorite parts of the world of blogging..probably because sometimes my mind falls victim to it too. Ideally style is first and foremost a natural, personal thing..the blogs or even people in general outside of fashion that I find the most inspiring are the ones with a very specific point of view.

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up high

07/07/2010, balenciaga, nyc

(Forever 21 headband, Zara top, vintage shorts, Topshop wedges, Balenciaga bag)

I came and I saw. Cannot even describe the specific kind of weird/awesome involved in seeing the Forever 21 campaign all over New York. As in watching the video loop in Times Square or rushing through the subway trying to not be late and pausing for a second to look at the poster or failing to hail a cab with my face on it. My favorite had to have been some guy who started mocking my shirt as I walked by (“Hey you missed the sixties by about 4 decades, honey”) and then quickly did a double take…(“Wait you’re the girl in the Forever 21 video..?! You are, aren’t you!”). So awkward. As for the situation in general…just unbelievable.

Thank you to Dawn, Kira, Linda, Kate, and everyone at Forever 21 that I’ve been lucky enough to work with!

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wooster st.

28/06/2010, balenciaga, nyc, vintage

(Forever21 headband, vintage dress, Forever21 necklaces and headband, Dolce & Gabbana wedges)

Shopping/eating/wilting in the heat in Soho…I saw this leather dress in the window of a store in Venice Beach while making my way to Gjelina a couple weeks ago….was sold on the mannequin enough to order it on the phone the next day. Prada made something like this (as in exactly) a few years ago and I never did get that dress out of my head. Blame it on Carine for making it look good enough to not be able to forget. I love sparse black in the summer.

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even side

23/06/2010, actually wearing jeans, balenciaga, california love, sd

(eBayed shirt, Stevie jeans courtesy of Elizabeth and James, UO leopard scarf, Ray-ban aviators, Jessica Simpson heels, Balenciaga bag)

What I wore today while running last minute errands before flying out to New York tomorrow for the Forever 21 store opening in Times Square..which devolved into dinner at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants instead of packing. I figure I’ll sort it out in the morning and just throw everything I’m liking the most into a suitcase/hope for the best/what I always do no matter what. I wanted to bring these jeans because I’m obsessed with them but 90 degree weather forecasts killed that idea…the top I bought months ago on eBay from South Korea (keyword fringe can be useful) and forgot all about it until it finally arrived in a spacey silver mailer last week and turned out to be the most perfect fringe tshirt ever. The only weird part being that the label in the back reads “Colin”. Random.

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