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after rag and bone

10/09/2011, alexander wang, balenciaga, fashion week, nyc, zara

(Zara long sleeved tshirt, Ksubi shorts, Uniqlo trenchcoat, Balenciaga clutch, Alexander Wang heels)

Right after the Rag & Bone show a couple hours ago in Soho. It’s so hot in the city I can’t imagine wearing more than one uncomfortable item at a time so today it was these shoes. Not gonna lie, I was limping towards the end there..but I love the naked sort of effect they have on the foot. Rag & Bone’s new collection is striking, very fresh and fluid and sort of appropriate for jumping into the ocean whilst wearing. I got a sweet shot of Shu Pei in a pajama pant/knitwear look that I can’t wait to show you guys..

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25/08/2011, balenciaga, jewelry, la, zara
(Zara shirt, James Perse skirt, Balenciaga bag, Michael Kors watch)

This skirt is one of my favorite purchases this summer – double sided so it feels a little more substantial, and soft enough to want to commission a set of sheets in the same material. CONTINUE READING

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denim + black

08/07/2011, balenciaga, paris, zara

I must have either have lost or sold off my denim shirt stash cause I never see them lying around anymore. So when I came across this one while making my way through the selection at The Kooples, it reminded me that I might wear one if only it were in my general mess radius. The overdyed pocket marks and a level of softness that could only have been achieved by significant battering make it a little bit more special too. Wore it with my black Zara skirt and cat eyes.

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05/07/2011, balenciaga, london, my photography, vintage

1. roses in Notting Hill
2. vintage floral shirt + Balenciaga weekender bag in Oxford Circus
3. love letters to the Beatles by Abbey Road

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red leather

01/07/2011, ankle boots, balenciaga, london, zara

(Zara silk top, ba&sh leather skirt, Topshop boots, Balenciaga bag, Ray-ban sunglasses)

I picked up this leather skirt (yes, essentially a loincloth) in both red and black while I was in Paris, black was an obvious yes but the red one seemed like I could have fun with it too. Wore this on what was apparently the hottest day of the year in London. The humidity makes these summer days so much gnarlier than California’s! I couldn’t stand to keep my hair down for longer than it took to snap these photos. And I’m not even going to try to describe the conditions in the Tube on the way there. A couple days before this I was an intricate multiple knit and shearling combination to keep warm and even that was barely even doing the trick. Good thing I brought (or..bought while over here) options. Oh, and I have no idea why it looks like I put in purple hair extensions here, swear to you no such thing happened.

Cooling off in the shade in Green Park. London is amazing, so much to do here at every second and everyone is so nice! The first day I met with some lovely people from Topshop for breakfast and they convinced me – I’m definitely going to make it a point to come back for London Fashion Week in a couple months.

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