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black magic

26/05/2010, alexander wang, ankle boots, back to the woods, california love

(Alexander Wang asymmetrical romper courtesy of Forward, Emma Cook x Topshop boots, vintage arrowhead necklace, eBay cross bracelet, Pamela Love rings)

Forward sent me this amazing one-piece…which is somehow more versatile than a skort/romper/elasticated thing should conceivably be. By that I mean a change of shoes takes it from the beach to Trader Joe’s to a night out..though I understand my idea of what makes sense where is anywhere from mildly to completely skewed according to some.

I’m working on packing a suitcase of knits and leather to fly up to rainy Vancouver with Colin tomorrow morning..can’t wait for the Obakki show…their lookbook had me sold in a heartbeat. If you have any tips for what to check out in the city I’d love to hear them..x

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here comes the flash

29/04/2010, ankle boots, back to the woods, california love, mane and tail

ph. by me
(gifted Erin Wasson x RVCA “Here Comes the Flash” knit romper and Forever 21 feather earrings, Jeffrey Campbell for Free People boots)

This thing could not be more appropriately named…nice one Erin. I think I could live on a wardrobe of awkward knits without getting bored. The shorts and dresses that Stolen Girlfriends Club showed in September would be invited too.

I had a damn exciting shoot last Monday in LA with Forever 21..jumping/hopping/bending backwards wearing 5 inch heels in a studio and fake hair included. Most of the extensions came out with some vigorous brushing that same night but I decided to screw around and take some photos the next day before they were all history. The glue, however, didn’t budge until Colin suggested getting some peanut butter in there to coax it out..was not pretty..but it worked. And I even got to use the good peanut butter.

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27/04/2010, ankle boots, shopping

Jeffrey Campbell x Free People Harness Harley boots..they’re a little big (nooooo) but otherwise everything I’ve ever wanted in a flat boot. Makes up for the vintage pair I found a few months ago that were really too big for me. God I really swear I don’t have tiny feet.

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unposted from ny

21/04/2010, ankle boots, brr dude, nyc, topshop, vintage

(Forever 21 hat, vintage jacket and sweater, generic thermal, Topshop patent leather skinnies, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Grey Ant sunglasses, gifted Soixante Neuf/Planet Blue hammered ring, vintage bag)

The day I found my Topshop over the knee boots. All I can think about when looking at these is how evil the wind was on every other street we turned down.

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this time

05/04/2010, ankle boots, back to the woods, california love

ph. by Colin

(Something Else by Natalie Wood zipper sweater from Black Box in Auckland, American Apparel bull denim shorts, Forever 21 leopard tights, LD Tuttle boots)

Hopping around a field and high on nature, baring shoulders at 46 degrees, watching the crows fly ahead more slowly and quietly than in a dream, letting the wind feed me my hair, running and talking faster and faster to keep warm, falling and not caring, forgetting about almost everything. Ten minutes on a Sunday.

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