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philadelphia photo diary

29/07/2010, alexander wang, born in the usa, photo diary, topshop, vintage

July 11-15

Late night sushi, wet streets, layered necklaces, Rick Owens at Joan Shepp, Di Bruno Bros. iced coffee, wandering UO’s headquarters, my favorite tshirt, picnics in bed, drinks at the crypt-like Franklin, wispy knits, dinners with the Free People crew, weathered buildings, and airport sunrises and sunsets.

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new purchases

29/07/2010, alexander wang, ankle boots, details

Sam Edelman Falken boots/Alexander Wang Angela bag

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alright tonight

28/07/2010, alexander wang, la, silverlake

(Forever 21 top and shorts, Wish vest, Miu Miu clogs, Alexander Wang Diego bag, hat borrowed from Kristin)

The rest of the outfit from a couple posts ago. Taken at my still very bare bones place in mom is promising to come bearing chairs. Which is about as far as I’ve gotten on the whole thing aside from dreaming of thrifting the perfect lamp (make that several) and coming to a screeching halt while driving by a garage sale to have them tempt me with a giant/awesome mirror (already sold..hey then take it to the crazy back already). Turns out I’m not terribly good at applying myself when it comes to interior design, aside from mockingly pointing things out as “key pieces” while shopping at stores that sort of intimidate me. Promise to post pictures whenever this stops being the case.

Aside from which..this bright blue top that ties in confusing ways makes me happy right now as does pairing black clothes and brown shoes.

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firm ground

17/07/2010, alexander wang, ankle boots, california love, la, vintage

(thrifted denim shirt, Rumi x RVCA Triad tank, Alexander Wang leather shorts and bag, Zara platforms)

Heading to Urth for iced matcha lattes..hands down my favorite drink this summer. I was all bundled up in tights/cardigan/vest but was dying from heat and changed into some basics I had in my car. Thank God for my backseat turned second closet. I picked up these shorts on sale at Opening Ceremony in one told me how massive their store is over there! 7 levels worth of fun. It was a short walk from my hotel so I spent a lot of time fondling..everything.

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center city, philadelphia

14/07/2010, alexander wang, born in the usa, mane and tail, vintage

(Alexander Wang asymmetrical dress, thrifted backless crochet top, vintage mesh bag, Miu Miu clogs)

Finally got a moment to catch up on the internet a bit…Free People has been amazing to work with! I spent Monday styling my looks at the UO headquarters and Tuesday shooting at at the most perfectly imperfect house I’ve ever seen..started out pouring rain and then gave way to oppressive humidity…but it’s all good when you’re working with such great people. Traveling this past month has definitely given me the 90 degree summer that California hasn’t.

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