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alexander wang afterparty

28/09/2010, alexander wang, fashion week, nightlife, nyc, topshop

(Topshop cape dress, headpiece and necklace courtesy of Mr. Kate, borrowed Herve Leger cork platforms, muff bag courtesy of Theory)

Hopped from the Charlotte Ronson afterparty to pick up Bryan (fully committed to leapard print Givenchy) at the Soho Grand and then over to the Wang festivities ie. carnival in a parking lot teeming with every sort of beautiful person imaginable. Got to catch up with Andrew, Kristin, Amy, Mark, Marie, and Esteban Cortazar, make the most of my brief time with these beautiful shoes, and play in the inflatable castle, merry-go-round (which kept going even after someone managed to crack some planks on it mid-ride), and bumper cars. I can honestly say that there was nothing missing from that night….I really don’t know how he’s going to outdo himself next time around but I’m kind of sure he will.

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black magic

27/09/2010, alexander wang, fashion week, nyc, topshop

(dress courtesy of twentysevennames, Forever 21 sunglasses, Topshop suede boots, Alexander Wang Diego bag)

Farewell New York! Ended up spending 10 days there, 4 in Auckland for New Zealand Fashion Week, and then back to the city for the weekend. Made it back to California tonight, marking a return to normalcy and shoe options and eating raspberries standing up in the kitchen and my mechanical toothbrush and a lingering summer and some sort of quiet until Andrew comes into town tomorrow to DJ in La Jolla.

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any town anywhere

03/09/2010, alexander wang, california love, la

(Free People dress, Alexander Wang Angela clutch, Jeffrey Campbell boots, re-strung Forever 21 necklace)

My friend Kris over at Free People sent me this dress a few weeks ago..along with a note with one of her crazy illustrations taking over most of the page and a description of what inspired her to design it that made me smile hard. Of course I can’t find said note and am kicking myself for losing track of it..but as I remember, it was something along the lines of stranded gothic Pilgrim boys and ancient fishermen (or bored sirens?) sucked into a vortex in the sea (this is all surely 100% wrong). Definitely some ’90s minimalism at play there too. Anyway, I love all henleys. Seriously. Even though when I wore the henley in it’s purest form (Alexander Wang’s thermal long johns…yeah I’m still standing by that one) people got all mad about it on here. But yeah, striped, thermal, sheer, ribbed, oversized, skintight..all awesome when henley-ified. Buttons are a powerful thing. However, a good long dress version has been evading me for so long that I stopped believing in it..imagine my surprise when it showed up on my doorstep. Pretty rad..and kind of weird. Such a good basic to have around.

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coffee and shopping between shows

22/08/2010, alexander wang, stockholm, vintage

(Topshop cocoon sweater, Alexander Wang shorts, Jessica Simpson Dany heels, vintage bag and hat, Whyred sunglasses)

Roaming the streets of Stockholm with Bryanboy in my size 1000 Topshop sweater. Bryan and I didn’t go much of anywhere without each other during SFW…it got to the point where people would feel sorry for us and volunteer without our requesting it to shift their seats around at the shows so we could sit together. He picked me up in my room and immediately declared my look an outfit repeat, picked this thing up off the windowsill, and told me to change into it….that’s a lot of hemline stuffed into the top of my shorts there. Also wearing my new bag that I picked up at the Kobe swap meet in San Diego from my favorite Tibetan stall there…I brought two Alexander Wang bags and my shredded up Balenciaga but ended up wearing this everywhere..only thing that I lost out of it was my lens hood. Oops. Check out his blog for a covert peek into my hotel room at Berns and watch a video of us spacing out before the Cheap Monday show. Thanks to him and David for taking my photos!

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09/08/2010, alexander wang, california love, sd, vintage

(vintage top, Lowluv necklace, vintage Levi’s shorts, Jessica Simpson Dany heels, Alexander Wang Angela bag)

I got back from Tokyo yesterday and after failing to stay up with some late afternoon coffee, proceeded to sleep for 15 hours. I woke up so confused. Should it even be possible to do that? Anyway, the trip was rad – my hotel room was about a foot from the Tokyo tower with a view I never quite wrapped my mind around, I met so many amazing people (including ViVi’s Marie who is so sweet!), shot with Elle and ElleGirl in Aoyama, roamed around the city with my lovely booker Jen, went to Le Baron with my friends from Mercury Duo Haruka and Kenji, bought some things for fall (mostly various shades of gross brown tones in leather and velvet), had some exciting meetings that I’ll hopefully be able to tell you more about soon, and brought back an enormous Kapibara-san that my cats really don’t trust.

These shots are from Starlite in San Diego..make sure to stop by if you’re in town, it’s one of our favorite places to waste time slowly.

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