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after rag and bone

10/09/2011, alexander wang, balenciaga, fashion week, nyc, zara

(Zara long sleeved tshirt, Ksubi shorts, Uniqlo trenchcoat, Balenciaga clutch, Alexander Wang heels)

Right after the Rag & Bone show a couple hours ago in Soho. It’s so hot in the city I can’t imagine wearing more than one uncomfortable item at a time so today it was these shoes. Not gonna lie, I was limping towards the end there..but I love the naked sort of effect they have on the foot. Rag & Bone’s new collection is striking, very fresh and fluid and sort of appropriate for jumping into the ocean whilst wearing. I got a sweet shot of Shu Pei in a pajama pant/knitwear look that I can’t wait to show you guys..

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14/08/2011, alexander wang, ankle boots, california love, la, rag & bone
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28/07/2011, alexander wang, shopping

Right now I can’t stop thinking about these Alexander Wang heels and the possibilities they would allow for. So perfect. And I love that the cape back is removable so you don’t have to commit to superhero feet.

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i think, they thought “nobody” was there

28/05/2011, alexander wang, california love, isabel marant, la, silverlake

(BCBGeneration tank, Isabel Marant belt, Forever 21 shorts, Topshop boots, Alexander Wang Jena clutch)

Warm sunset in Silver Lake, so dreamy. Basic silk tank with the uniform. Ponytail courtesy of having used this awful new Garnier conditioner that turned my hair into what felt like a superglued mass affixed to my head. This ended up being depressing when my fingers kept getting stuck or my hair tosses abbreviated so I braided it upwards and pulled it back in defeat. I wish I was better at hair things so I could wear it some other way than down..but I always forget it’s even an option to do something more than nothing to it. Maybe I’ll try to remember to screw with it more. This week I’m cementing some summer plans – right now it’s looking like Tokyo to Paris to London and then the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco in August. I haven’t left California since the Tokyo earthquake cause I just wanted to stay put for a while but I’m getting excited to work on a summer suitcase and see some new sights. Feels like it’s time again.

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picket fence

02/05/2011, alexander wang, the prada platforms

(Stylestalker knit, Free People shorts, Alexander Wang clutch, Prada platforms)

So late! Here’s the rest of the outfit I posted here.

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