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basics in a plastic lawn chair

31/08/2010, actually wearing jeans, california love

My love affair with Elizabeth and James’ Stevie jeans continues. I must be on crack because the idea of a burnout top suddenly took on appeal after eons of staying away from the stuff.

I’ve been in LA for the past few days – a couple photo shoots (one of which ended in face paint, coon hats, and Polaroids), two rounds of vegan Thai food, catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in too long, sharing a dressing room with the boyfriend at Live on Sunset (our joint new favorite brand = Iro…henley for him and a bodysuit for me in the same moth eaten ancient sweats material), trying to look helpful while he replaced doorknobs and put together massive shelving units, frequent caffeine fuel-ups at 7-11, and deciding that a vintage trunk full of shoes is a highly acceptable and much sturdier stand-in for a coffee table. One more meeting before heading back to San Diego…and a week left before we leave for New York!

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trying to remember how to picture it

26/08/2010, actually wearing jeans, back to the woods, california love, j brand, sd

(Stylestalker top and J Brand jeans courtesy of Stylestalker and J Brand, Sam Edelman Falken boots, F21 headband)

The more everyday-wearable counterpart to Stylestalker’s Vulture dress I posted a few months ago..I unlaced the front to leave the grommets open and kept it simple with jeans.

Enjoying the last of summer in San Diego and LA before leaving for New York and New Zealand next month. For now, focused on the glamorous task of driving to the Canon service center in Irvine..ugh.

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03/08/2010, actually wearing jeans, nightlife, sd, vintage

(vintage silk jacket, Hanes tshirt, gifted J Brand Gigi cropped jeans, Jeffrey Campbell boots, F21/vintage/Dannijo rings)

I’ve had this leopard print deal in my closet for months now and have almost worn it as a shirt so many times..I realized this weekend how much better it looks as a flimsy blazer sort of thing instead. Life changing revelation right. The fact remains that it’s probably the top part of a slinky pajama set.

Mainly posting these photos to more efficiently answer a frequently asked question in the past couple weeks – where these boots are from. I never really saw them online but I bought them at an LF sale in La Jolla back in February along with some shapeless knits. They look kind of odd here as if they’re navy/brown but they’re actually black on (brownish) black I promise. I must be re-in love with them again cause they just got tossed into my suitcase for Tokyo. Eight hours left to sleep, finish packing, and get to the airport.

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even side

23/06/2010, actually wearing jeans, balenciaga, california love, sd

(eBayed shirt, Stevie jeans courtesy of Elizabeth and James, UO leopard scarf, Ray-ban aviators, Jessica Simpson heels, Balenciaga bag)

What I wore today while running last minute errands before flying out to New York tomorrow for the Forever 21 store opening in Times Square..which devolved into dinner at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants instead of packing. I figure I’ll sort it out in the morning and just throw everything I’m liking the most into a suitcase/hope for the best/what I always do no matter what. I wanted to bring these jeans because I’m obsessed with them but 90 degree weather forecasts killed that idea…the top I bought months ago on eBay from South Korea (keyword fringe can be useful) and forgot all about it until it finally arrived in a spacey silver mailer last week and turned out to be the most perfect fringe tshirt ever. The only weird part being that the label in the back reads “Colin”. Random.

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en route

30/05/2010, actually wearing jeans, alexander wang, ankle boots, vintage

(vintage poncho, American Apparel tshirt, Silence + Noise lace corset, gifted Soul Design Lab jeans, Jeffrey Campbell x Free People boots, Pamela Love double cage ring)

Heading to Hapa Izakaya for Japanese tapas before the show..feasted on amaebi, salmon sashimi, and miso eggplant. The consistently almost-raining weather gave me the perfect excuse to wear this blinding fringed poncho I thrifted last month. Suitable for a psychedelic Little Red Riding Hood, and me, apparently. I discovered after I brought it home with me that it’s fully reversible as well..the other side boasts semi-unattractive patchy black faux fur and brass toggles. Toggles are always good in my book.

Want to give an enormous shoutout and a lifetime’s worth of gratitude to Ms. Araki from Elle Girl Japan who gave me (I KNOW…I’m still in a confused daze over the whole thing) an Olympus EP2 camera at the photo shoot at my house last week. I tried to refuse but if you’ve ever tried this tactic against a Japanese person you know it’s most ineffective. It hasn’t left my side since..I’m still figuring out it’s endless options and settings but am already in passionate love with it. I took a picture of Kumo with it and the clarity was so extreme that it looked as if his fur was emerging all hedgehog-like through the LCD screen. Probably the most ideal camera for it’s joint portability and DSLR power..I’ve posted a few shots I’ve taken with it in the past week on genericdream.

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