(LF sweater, Iro Irwin skirt, vintage bag, Isabel Marant Carol sandals)

There’s an eerie knocking sound that storks make by tapping their beaks really quickly which, along with dead silence, was the only soundtrack to the hour spent wandering around the obviously super haunted ruins of Chellah outside of Rabat. I’m not sure if it was just luck that we went when it was so deserted – it’s definitely one of those overgrown cat-ruled type of spots that I try not to skip when visiting a new place. I really don’t know where to start with the Morocco posting, the volume of incredible things I saw makes it kind of like staring up a sheer cliff face. But new animal friends can’t be a bad place to set off from? Or something? I wore my current default sandals with that Iro skirt, an old cropped knit I packed last minute, and a bright woven bag I found at a swap meet in San Diego forever ago.