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Ombré hair is the most brainless, commitment-free hairstyle – roots aren’t even part of the vocabulary and you get to enjoy the mental freedom of being one minor haircut away from being a single process girl again. Getting it there in the first place is the complicated part. I’ve had so many colorists just not get how to execute the highlights in a lighthanded, subtle way, even with what is essentially a power point presentation I’ve created on my iPad to try to avoid misunderstandings. This happened yet again last November and I made it through an aftermath that involved getting it re-dyed darker, chopping off the ends, and conditioning it with every mask I read even one good thing about. This seemed an acceptable strategy until a couple weeks ago when I realized that the lowlights had faded away completely and I was blonde enough to look completely blonde in some hats. Not wanting to screw around this time, I went straight to the experts at Frederic Fekkai last week to tone down the blonde and I think I finally have reason to never go anywhere else again. People are always Formspringing me hair questions so hopefully this helps you avoid the dreaded multiple trips to the salon – ask for Begoña and nothing bad will happen to you.