photos by me and Colin

Just back from Hong Kong, slept for 12 hours, feeling alive again. And also about 10 times richer in iPhone cases. I tried to keep up on my Instagram but ran out of what I thought was a way hefty enough data plan. NOPE. Must have been all the mapping cause we got lost about 3400 times. Never have I had to try to determine my current location while indoors so frequently. Apparently if you’re clever enough you can walk for blocks and blocks through malls and tunnels, never exposed to the elements. I’m not ready to decide if that’s a good thing or not though. Airplane boredom on the way home paved the way to editing a bunch of shots on Insta so there are some extras here that I never posted, wheee. Here’s to always buying the largest data plan and an at least average sense of direction! Non-iPhone photos on the way..