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broadway and grand

27/02/2013, j brand, nyc, proenza schouler, vintage

(Mademoiselle jacket, vintage tshirt, J Brand leather skinny trousers, Barbara Bui boots, Proenza Schouler PS11)

Quick flashback to New York in one of my, oh and I think everyone else ever’s, favorite ways to be dressed down. Skinny pants, tshirt, and fitted jacket formula, I hope you’re enjoying relevance immortality. This jacket is going to be my best friend this spring largely because I feel like it’s exactly what I’ve been fantasizing adding to my biker jacket collection for actual years now. Perfect fit and zipper pulls that took just enough steroids. I’m currently sitting at the Chicago airport in the weird sanctity of United’s “quiet room” while waiting for my flight to Paris and while at first I was whimpering out of boredom I am now like hey I feel pretty calm and focused. Don’t get me wrong, The Flight That Keeps On Getting Delayed More and More, you’re still ruining my life. Can’t wait to be in Paris already!

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corset training

25/02/2013, details, la, shoe porn

photos by Colin Sokol

(J Brand sweatshirt, Love Leather perforated leather skirt, Tom Ford lace-up sandals, Theory bag)

The cracked out shoe + most basic clothing possible formula never fails me, so why not take it to the extreme? The Tom Ford story begins with the dark shift that occurred when I wore these shoes on a shoot last month here in LA. 20 minutes on my feet and it was over. I started to envision all the ways that they would impart meaning to the outfits both boring and event-appropriate and then just wasn’t strong enough to resist. I eased into my initiation with the most relaxed of outfits, a shrunken sweatshirt top and a perforated leather skirt that’s become a new go-to. Can’t wait to play around with these more.

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vine fresh

24/02/2013, chloé, la, white dresses anonymous

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

photos by Colin Sokol

(BCBG resort Yennie top and Ivey skirt, Chloé heels, Bijules and Vita Fede rings)

Something about this combination being as future civilization-appropriate as it is bohemian is making it my favorite right now. I wore this last night with a blazer to slightly de-crazy it for a pre-Oscar event at the Beverly Hills Hotel. A couple more days left in LA before leaving for Paris on Wednesday, wish me luck getting little white scraps of clothing out of my system before heading back into the snow..

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hong kong photo diary

17/02/2013, photo diary

photos by Colin Sokol and me

Time for the real version of this. I’ve been to Hong Kong now three times, the first when I was little and lived there for a year (after Japan and before California), quickly adopting a British accent that I definitely should have tried harder to keep, the second with my family mostly to reminisce about said year, and now this here time I’m sharing with you. There’s such a familiarity and distance when it comes to places you “knew” as a child, the corner shops and absolutely unchanged star ferry made me yelp with the excitement of recognizing something but then when it came to logistics I was probably at least worse than any average tourist. We stayed on the island side, briefly venturing to Kowloon but then spending the remainder of our free time trying to see as much as possible, which included Lantau Island, a true “wet market” (this experience redefined sensory overload for me), beautiful Victoria’s Peak, Wan Chai, Lan Kwai Fong, Stanley Bay, Star Street, and of course Lane Crawford. I wore heels a couple times but spent most of the time in sneakers and simple separates because Hong Kong is a good place to preserve all the nimbleness you have been allotted in life. Thank you so much to our hosts at Red, the magazines and newspapers that were such a delight to talk to, and especially my darling Erato! Can’t wait for Time 4.

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before rag & bone

17/02/2013, alexander wang, isabel marant, nyc

(Isabel Marant jacket, Mademoiselle blouse, Alexander Wang leather skirt)

Love this shot by An Unknown Quantity, taken on the way into the Rag & Bone show. The mood wasn’t AS dramatic as this photo implies, but almost. I need to miss Nemo less.

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