photos by Colin Sokol

(Isabel Marant jacket, vintage shirt, J Brand Super Skinny leather pants, Zara boots)

An outfit from earlier this month in the Bay Area…Hong Kong is spoiling me with perfectly mild in-between weather that just sort of requires a jacket nearby during the day but I’m already getting nervous about the arctic tundra of New York fashion week around the corner. This was intensified when I saw a photo that Behati Prinsloo Instagrammed of a gushing fire hydrant that wasn’t actually gushing because the water had frozen stiff. That’s like White Witch devilry! It was in the low ’40s when we took these shots and I was already making a beeline for my car’s heated seats. Ok so this wasn’t the most intricately layered look but this jacket is crazy warm like a burning cloud. So my question is how are you actual winter dwellers doing it? At what ° does personal style start to matter less? Can you use the degree symbol like that? Ok three questions.