photos by Colin and me

Just back from Hawaii and starting to accept that I don’t live on a tropical island most of the time. Sifting through eighty thousand takes on lush green landscapes now lies ahead of me, but I figure brandishing a can of coconut water while backlit is a good place to start. Wearing a destroyed to smithereens Wildfox sweatshirt over a bikini (⬅ important to clarify) and sitting near my Theyskens’ Theory backpack at beautiful, crazy huge (two thirds of a mile it stretches) Big Beach on the south side of the island. The first time we pretty much stumbled across it in that way where you see a lot of cars parked in the perceived middle of nowhere and decide with exchanged smug glances and zero words that it’s worth investigating. Super valid way to decide what beach to go to, or cult gatherings. This spot was so ideal with its lava rock to scale and actual forest hemming it in that we decided to go back for one of our last afternoons there. The whole place had almost cleared out by the time the light was fading so we dug the camera out to play around with during those last few minutes. Must keep in mind this is always only five hours away from home.