photo by Colin Sokol

(Lover Rosebud dress, Fallon Spike Stud earring)

I received this beautiful dress from one of my favorite designer duos, Susien and Nic from Lover. It’s part of their capsule collection for Net-a-porter that was released on Wednesday. I love it worn with a single spiky earring to add a little bit of edge to the sweet rosebud print. This is sort of a side note but among the many things I love about what they do is that they never ever skimp on the quality of the slips that come with their lace dresses, they’re 100% silk, the most beautiful silvery nude color, and cut perfectly. They’ve become one of those things that I always have to pack a couple of in my suitcases..I’m way too attracted to sheer things not to. And while I’m rambling about them, I might as well stick in a photo of their Potato too. You’re welcome.