photos by Colin Sokol

(Alexander Wang sweater, Maya Negri belt, Acne skirt, Givenchy boots)

I have a dark relationship with tall boots. I believe in them as a concept but also really think a higher percentage of them than any other shoe are pretty bad. So I just don’t own very many. But. These are what happened when I was shopping in Paris on Avenue Montaigne on my last day there. I love the slight slouch and trouser hem-like look of them, and then the knee panel! Best panel ever. Dealing with getting them back to the apartment on the subway was comparable to being weighed down by a carcass that keeps stabbing you in the ankles but at least it was really funny. I wore them here with a belt I got in Israel, a thick wool skirt I got at the Acne store in Stockholm, and this Wang ribbed sweater that I was obsessed with in 2010.