photos by Colin Sokol

(Maria Berman shirt, T Alexander Wang burgundy leather skirt, Balenciaga shoes)

Silver clothing is useful for making most anywhere look like maybe you’re about to cross over into the hazy afterlife. Could just be me seeing things all creepily again though. These were taken in sleepy Bodega Bay where oyster consumption is super important, the idea of a town crier doesn’t seem that crazy, and this one restaurant has successfully covered most of its surfaces with Alfred Hitchcock paraphernalia. Tippi Hedren herself came to check it out. Isn’t that nice? But let me widen the scope. I just got back from what could legitimately be called an accidental road trip up and down the coast with Colin and am already missing the wildness of the miles and miles of sheer rock face. The 1 is no joke, I kinda forgot. That stretch between Big Sur and San Luis Obispo really makes you feel extra glad to be alive and extra like you are going to die. Solid combination, rather like that of silver and burgundy. And you thought this wasn’t going anywhere.