Blended up shiso leaves, an idea straight stolen from an underground (I really mean subterranean here..Tokyu Food Show anyone?) smoothie stand in Shibuya that I discovered last summer. Like some monkeys, I’m on this weird tangent right now where the idea of liquefying bananas is making me ill so when I saw these at a grocery store in Little Tokyo this past weekend I started to hatch a plan. The place in Shibuya used kiwi so I’m going to assume anything sorta sour would work. And I know, how weird is that one almond. Anyway, shiso (more commonly used to complement sushi) is awesome because of it’s very unique herbal, minty/spicy but not, taste and also has anti-inflammatory properties and a bunch of fiber, potassium, and vitamins A and C. Plus the leaves are really pretty and symmetrical and an overall nice size to be photographed next to small objects, obviously the main reason I’m blogging about this.

Combined in a Blendtec with a lovingly curated selection of Navitas powders (hemp seeds, pomegranate, maca, goji, and maqui), frozen cherries and raspberries, and almond milk, then topped with bee pollen. So good, especially if you’re bored of the spinach/kale/banana routine too. Worth looking for in your Japanese market..if the local sushi restaurants are able to find it, should be able to as well, I figure. Try it!