(Rag & Bone tank, Acne FW11 leather overalls, vintage coat, Balenciaga shoes, Proenza Schouler bag, Céline sunglasses)

Being confronted with the question “what should I wear underneath my overalls” for the first time since middle school was funny until I really couldn’t figure it out. Which is how I ended up pairing them with the tank I wear to bed half the time and the oxfords I wear um all the actual time. It’s ok though, I like liking the things I own too much.

Back to how I ended up strapping (oh, and snapping) myself into a pair of overalls in the first place. It was just another deathly cold giant coat to me, threadbare hoodie for the Swedes type of day in Stockholm when Bryan decided we needed to pay a visit to the Acne Archive in Vasastan a couple subway stops outside of the smallish area I felt comfortable roaming around in. I kind of thought we were going to a clothing museum to be honest in which case I was like maybe we should go to a real museum but I silenced my terrible instincts and went with it. And what we found was the glimmering beacon of all the weirdest and best Acne pieces from the past few years that either evaded me or were never even made available to the public. I combed the store quietly, reverently until I had a stack of leather dresses and this thing to try on. I almost walked away without them cause I was like dude they’re overalls before regaining my sanity and committing. The leather quality is so good that you almost feel naked with them on. It’s really creepy and my favorite. Worn here in the West Village on a perfect warm but still fall-colored Monday afternoon.