In the early days of New York fashion week, I swung by the Plaza Hotel, got lost in the nice maze they’ve set up in the basement there, and eventually stumbled into the presentation for Anna dello Russo’s H&M collaboration and like, into Susie Bubble’s arms. Anna was flitting from room to room showing admirers the best bits of everything while gracefully tending to all the journalists flanking her, notebooks held high. The collection is over the top in a way that is only surpassed by the corresponding music video – the standouts for me are the gold cage heels, the cat eye sunglasses, and the bright blue plastic Baroque luggage that I’m needing to drag through LAX with the deadpan face of the century.

Involve yourself in the #adrmoreismore party by watching the video and entering to win pieces from the collection on Facebook here. I’m serving as a grand juror (no less) so upload photos of your most masterfully accessorized self with the above hashtag and keep in mind you’re trying to impress a very diverse jury consisting of myself, Susie, Bryan, Derek, and Geri. Or actually don’t keep that in mind, just have fun with it. Good luck!