Esteban Cortazar will forever have a special him-shaped place in my heart – before anything was anything (well, blog-wise) and fashion week was a mystical thing, he invited me to Paris to see his collection for Emanuel Ungaro. I remember thinking there was no way it was actually him and considering ignoring the whole thing until I realized his email address was actually very legitimate. So I went. And he dressed me for the show. And he made for the best Parisian tour guide. And it was so much fun.

When he emailed me saying that he had his own line he was doing with Net-a-porter, I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t realize it, or anything, could possibly be this good. The collection is very cohesive yet every piece has some unexpected detailing (note the actual screws…ACTUAL SCREWS), and the silhouettes are just really, really fresh. The blush/nude/white palette is whispery and soft in a way that contrasts perfectly with the clean, structured lines. Pretty much, I want to wear every single piece now and maybe never take that gold choker off. The day he walked me through the collection at the Net-a-porter headquarters was also the day it was released online – people kept on running in and out saying that this or that piece had sold out and seeing his shocked reaction was possibly the sweetest thing ever. As was getting to meet his super elegant, beaming father. So proud of you Esteban! Shop the collection or at least the pieces that are still available here.