(Phillip Lim double sleeve sweatshirt, Lover silk shorts, Barbara Bui boots, Céline sunglasses)

We stopped in Elko for a night, a mining town, well actually THE mining town of Nevada’s goldbelt. An important distinction to make on a fashion blog. As usual we did our investigative journalistic research and scheduled drinks with a legitimate geologist at Commercial Casino to discuss the local club scene. He was pretty cool (hey Ryan), not least for pointing out that this particular casino houses the great White King, a 2000 pound taxidermied polar bear. So, the largest known to have been killed by man. This is a town of superlatives both self-proclaimed and not, exactly my favorite kind. We found ourselves saying “I miss Elko” in pitiful voices about every hour after heading back out on the road. We really liked you. I’ll find that photo of me Vanna White-ing with the king to post next.