(Ellery Lovebug dress, Phillip Lim Cody heels)

photos by Bryanboy

Driving out (can I say I off-roaded, can I) to a remote edge of the salt flats on the Utah/Nevada border to shoot each other and practice my Zen sunstrokeface had to have been a breakthrough in our relationship. We stripped down to, like, Band-aids in the 100 degree sun (he fashioned a turban out of high end shirts, I did not), so delirious that we stopped remembering to flinch after the fifth minute or so. Thank you to the Asian headcount of 1.5 for making it possible to not get the slightest sunburn out there. I guess in retrospect I wanted to look all Astro in my Ellery dress – Bryan slicked my hair back into a ponytail and I got my silver heels all nice and salty. We hung out till dusk in the shadow of our car, blandly musing about finally understanding the appeal of camping not glamping and washing down cherry granola with lukewarm coconut water before heading out to face the actual challenge of the day: spending the night at the Wendover Super 8.