(Intermix dress, Phillip Lim Cody heels in silver, Céline sunglasses)

Just returned from an ill organized and completely amazing trip to Vegas with my best friend Bryan. With all of the places we’ve been together (Tokyo, Sydney, Florence, Stockholm, New York, Paris, Milan, and Austin), this marked the first time that we were actually on the same flight. You know the type of cracked out delirium that only manifests itself on an airplane? This set in a hundredfold as soon as we got through security at LAX. Or maybe actually during, since I do remember an enthusiastic live commentary of my patdown causing a stir. I don’t think I’ve ever been so inappropriate on an airplane before so sorry to the three row radius affected. The randomness didn’t stop until we parted ways last night in West Hollywood..I won’t go into detail about what happened during. Rules are rules. Can’t wait for our next trip Bryan!