(Acne blazer, Alexander Wang men’s tshirt, Ksubi shorts, Carven shoes) 

 photos by Colin Sokol 
 I’m in New York City all this week for a project I’m working on with Samsung for their new wifi-ready ‘Smart Camera’ – today had me running all over the city, actually correction, being driven in a party bus all over the city. Complete with a stripper pole and communal whiskey on hand. I even got to intermittently play street style photographer and spend a couple hours at the MoMA. Made sure to text my mom photos of all of her favorite pieces. Got rained on, had Céline take a little bit more of my soul, made friends with a cop. Definite flats day. And it starts all over again tomorrow with new destinations. I must say party busing around is an ideal means to explore a city, as long as you don’t ask the driver what happened within its confines the weekend prior. But we all make mistakes sometimes.