(photos by me and Colin Sokol)

I’m still missing Palm Springs, it’s like a dreamland where rules don’t apply. In the words of the owner of our go-to breakfast spot, “I came here on vacation about 5 years ago now.” Hmmm. Well we ended up extending our stay too, just a little less drastically. The days in between the festival weekends leveled off at the perfect amount of suffocating desert heat so it felt justified. Unfortunately my general body temperature ran with this and adjusted a little too happily..I’ve been freezing since getting back to LA. Anyway, we made the most of it and touristed it up with a trip up to the snow on the tram (the lodge at the top is frozen in the year 1964, I highly recommend it plus apparently you can the lights of Vegas on a clear night..), a look around the Palm Springs Art Museum (really good photography exhibit at the moment called Backyard Oasis on the history of the American swimming pool), and some unnecessary loitering at the Parker. The idea of figuring out a good way to list everything that I’m wearing is making me want to throw up so feel free to ask me on my Formspring and I’ll update it soon-ish.