Some shots that Bryan took of me during our trip to Austin..we made sure to check out local vintage boutique Feathers on the advice of multiple trustworthy people. When Bryan added Teen Vogue’s Eva Chen to the list of its fans we were like “FINE WE’LL GO”. Pleasantly. What we found was a perfectly edited selection of vintage that I think could actually please anyone with the vaguest interest in attire. This is saying a lot from someone who usually prefers the grotty neighborhood Goodwill…I found a knit Chloe minidress and this ’90s Ralph Lauren suede shirt that is actually just a chamois with buttons. Something I never knew I really needed. Though I do remember perking up during Car Wash 101 when my dad handed me this smushy thing to dry off the car with..hmm..


Bryan gave me a lot of photo options because he’s lovely so I’m just going to post a bunch. I’m going to blame sleep deprivation on this likely misjudgment cause that always sounds valid. Oh wait the rest of the outfit..Ksubi shorts, Céline bag and sunglasses, Isabel Marant sneakers, and my current favorite beet/lemon/apple/ginger juice.