I just got back to LA from a beautiful few days in Austin with Bryan. Explanation: my mind has been fixated on the idea of a road trip through the southwest to the deep south for so long that it was becoming the lamest thing ever that I’d only gotten so far as regularly Google imaging the Grand Canyon and New Orleans’ French Quarter (vampire tours!). So until I have the couple months to set aside for the real deal, exploring cities one at a time is the next best thing. The randomness of it all made for such a fun trip and holy crap Texans are so nice I started to feel like I was on a different planet. We tried to give ourselves a balanced activity set…stayed by Lake Travis in a house only accessible by tram (read: remote to the point of wtf but wait this is rad)/spent our waking hours exploring Congress Avenue and 6th Street. Checked out the local Barneys/wandered through antique stores under the gazes of a horde of taxidermied animals. Explored the historic Driskill Hotel/ate amazing vegan food at Beets Café. And had at least 500 totally dysfunctional Jessica Simpson moments. 

I can describe this top best by saying that I’ve conducted a futile hunt for something like it every time I’ve walked into a thrift store. That’s a lot of times. The tiny collar, the could-be-ancient off white, the swirly twirly paisley lace…yeah. It’s by Sea New York, a line carried seemingly exclusively at Barneys.

Borrowed this yard for its Victorian vibes and looming tree. Also wearing Céline bag and sunglasses, Ksubi cutoffs, and Zara pumps that match the color of my skin precisely. Floating Barbie foot effect is something I will never fight.

So much fun..but where should we go next?