Earlier today at the Isabel Marant show in Saint Germain..these are my favorite looks right off the bat.

The black crochet dress, military jacket, and pink denim dress very much need to be in closer reach than six months of waiting away. I should say here that it was totally unreal to be able to attend the show. It takes about a five second scroll down my blog or a quick glance at the inspiration board above my desk to tell that I’m infatuated with her designs and I might even say general outlook on life. This collection smacked of wearability with a sometime athletic touch, perfect for the girl who slouches around during the day in tried-and-true pieces but turns it way up at night in microscopic layered minidresses and chained stilettos. I made the walk over to her store on Rue Jacob after the show and a fresh off the runway Izabel Goulart was already having her purchases rung up at the counter. Efficient.