Arriving at the old Eurostar station for my first Topshop Unique show. Quite an exciting before many seasons in the past I wanted to attend but didn’t make it to London.

Finding my seat, the most interesting front row setup I’ve seen yet – I was sandwiched between Scott Schuman and Susie Bubble and our truncated bench was right next to the beginning of the runway ie. staring right down the end of all those zoom lenses. We nervously laughed about being in the background of the images, and, well, now we are. See us intermittently staring dreamily and shooting fiercely. Great day to wear yellow.

Hopefully you clicked on the link to the full collection as these are just the details that stuck out to me – a pink pleated dress on Charlotte Free, cobwebby crochet shorts begging to be overworn, stripes on nude mesh, a backpack resembling both part of an elf’s getup and a brown paper bag, and a printed white cropped knit. A very narrow scope of what I would immediately want to insert into my suitcase right now while I mull over the rest and contemplate it’s ancient Egypt theme.