I met the lovely Sarah from Chanel for coffee this morning at Ladurée in Knightsbridge and she took me on a tour of their current installation at Harrods (perhaps more of a full store takeover, see the double C pirate flags waving) – a very acceptable way to experience one of London’s most famous department stores for the first time. The third floor, usually occupied by their antique selection, has been converted into a seven room homage to all that is iconic about the brand. A few rooms had a full on Alice in Wonderland post-’Drink Me’ effect, one mimicking the feeling of literally being deposited inside the red leathery compartment of a 2.55, another containing massive renditions of signature designs, while more rooms were lined in tweed or decked out with coffin-sized Chanel boxes spilling over with couture gowns. My point being…if you’re in London this month I recommend stopping by to enhance your day with half an hour of pure dreaminess. Also notable – they’re actually selling the foot high No. 5 bottles that would ideally be sitting atop every girl’s vanity. If only I had that much suitcase weight to sacrifice.