From last last weekend in Lodi..

(House of Harlow Chelsea sunglasses, Jaci Bailey bandeau top, Chloe bikini)

After a midnight arrival (I seriously feel like all we’ve been doing lately is drive around California in circles..I hate you Coalinga..well, Harris Ranch to be specific, and I’m sorry butterflies that smash into the windshield..sequential grimace) and a long breakfast, we tried to explore the surrounding area before the wedding. An antique car show in the streets was about all there was to stumble upon. I will say the shininess and the oldness (him) and the fascination in everyone else’s fascination (me) made for about 15 solid minutes of entertainment. A couple stops on the way back yielded my delighted discovery of tequila that comes in gun-shaped bottles and the opportunity to observe a heated altercation between a slightly deranged man and a minimart cashier. Threats were exchanged but none followed through on. This at least made for useful conversation fodder later in the night. We ended up back at our hotel room after this action-packed half hour to drink some Coronas and get maximum use out of the balcony and then pool as one does when it’s 90 degrees out. The Chloe bikini I ordered last month – they somehow managed to send me an extra small bottom and a small top. Depressing that only half of it is going to get any use but I love the scalloping too much to send it back and risk losing everything. Something I could have phrased less dramatically. I’ll take solace in the fact that I’m the only person I know who doesn’t mind mismatched swimwear.