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back story

08/08/2011, la, nightlife, white dresses anonymous

At a Lucky magazine party in Pacific Palisades for Jessica Alba’s cover a couple weeks ago – I wore a BCBG dress that is slightly all about being tiny and white and drapey but mostly about the sequined mesh back. Although I must say it’s pointless to try to display any pulchritude whatsoever when Jessica Alba is in the immediate radius. So damn gorgeous.

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06/08/2011, back to the woods, isabel marant, mane and tail

(Etoile Isabel Marant sweater, Topshop shorts, Dolce Vita sandals)

Random! I’m far up and sort of deeper in California than usual, in Lodi for a vineyard type wedding. Here I am blending into some weeds the way I do sometimes. And a shot I took of just the weeds for good measure.  I love that dry brush/hot air/open space smell..triggers so many memories of idly deciding what to do with long summer days.

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paris photo diary

04/08/2011, isabel marant, paris, photo diary

One beautiful week in Paris in June.

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hollywood hills

02/08/2011, balenciaga cutout boots, california love, la, theyskens' theory

(Theyskens’ Theory leather dress, Balenciaga cutout boots)

Some spots really are inevitable blog posts so you probably knew this was coming, red ants and blazing sun notwithstanding. The dress is past season but I got it on size too big but I like that it isn’t skintight…makes it slightly less questionable on a dirt plateau. Not that I’m one to care too much but still, I try to be at least aware of awkward situations. I love that the back is scooped out about half a mile and the straps have that unexpected white worked into them.

I’m trying to squeeze in every bit of summer in LA while I can..the next couple weeks will be spent road tripping back and forth across California and then it’s off to Tokyo again at the end of the month before heading to New York and Europe for fashion month again. So soon! I’ll treasure the days in between spent at home. Small goals: make it to Harry Potter while it’s still in theaters, work out every morning before the heat settles in, make use of the giant sketchpad on my desk, have dinner at Gjelina in Venice (my favorite…best selection of local vegetables), head to the beach a few more times, and figure out a hotel for New York. Oh and also to hopefully post the rest of my travel photos from June…finally.

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