(vintage leopard print dress, Alexander Wang Jade clutch, Prada suede platform sandals)

Last night’s Nylon party at Sky Bar. This dress (well probably just large-ish shirt..got a lot of these on my record) has been left untouched in my closet for months after getting it a thrift store in San Diego. I was getting ready last night and just felt too dressed up in the Camilla & Marc dress I had loosely planned on wearing. Plus I got the thumbs up from Colin on this one. Helps sometimes. Anyway, the party. Olivia Wilde is perfection, I finally got to meet the super sweet and beautiful Gillian Zinser, I managed not to fall in the pool in my Prada sandals, and we ended up with Mark Hunter giving us a tour of his house and his roommate putting on a show for us in his six inch cow print boots while I sipped Smartwater and flipped through Teen Vogue. Of course.